8 apps that changed the world.

Modis Posted 24 May 2018

Apps have changed the way that we do, well, everything. They’re the reason our phones are never more than a hand’s width away and why losing a phone is cause for sheer panic. But some apps have changed the world (and how we move in it) more than others. Here’s a look at the top 8 apps that most of us can’t live without.


Life before Uber meant carrying cash, regularly convincing taxi drivers to drive fewer than ten blocks, and waiting around for a cab to show up. Uber makes life so much simpler by storing your payment information, letting you know how far away a driver is, and giving you the option to show up in style with Uber Black. Yep, life would be so much more complicated without the Uber app!


Feelings can be mixed when it comes to the Slack app. On the one hand, you’ll never miss anything that happens in the workplace if your team uses Slack. On the other hand, you may be subject to direct messages before you’ve had your coffee (thank you, Slack team, for creating the “snooze” option!). Whether you love or hate it, Slack definitely makes work-life more connected.


What did we do before Instagram? It’s hard to remember. There are few better ways to see what your friends are doing, document moments, and check out new companies and brands than through Instagram.

Food Apps

Uber Eats, Just Eat, Foodora, YP – the list goes on. When was the last time you picked up the phone to order food? It’s probably been a while, right? That’s because food apps (take your pick) have arrived and revolutionized the way that we order food. How else would you order late night munchies?

My Fitness Pal

This one only applies if you are an avid fitness junkie. If you are, you know the app by its nickname “MFP,” and you probably can’t live without it. Calculating calories, finding meal plans, and figuring out your macros just isn’t possible without this handy fitness app.


When streaming music services hit the digital waves Spotify was one of many. Now, this app is one of a few streaming music options. Spotify is easily one of the biggest music apps out there boasting more than 100 million users. Chances are if you listen to music, you’re listening to Spotify.


This app allows anyone, anywhere, to sell anything. It’s that simple. Attaching a Square reader to your phone or tablet means that you can make money on the spot. Before Square, retailers and service providers had to pay high fees to process payments (and this meant purchasing payment processing hardware too). Getting paid is so much easier now!

Google Maps

Ever look at a paper map and wonder how anyone managed to get around without Google? Navigating any area like it is your own backyard is now possible thanks to Google Maps. No list of essential apps would be complete without this one!

There are many other apps that could be on this list, too. Almost every city has a parking app that many of us would be lost without, and who can skip all of those dating apps (for better or worse)? Apps make our world go around and we’re glad they exist!

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