8 Twitter accounts every engineer should follow.

Modis Posted 27 April 2017

With all spectrums of engineering constantly progressing, it can be a chore to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs and trends. The micro-news platform, Twitter, allows industry pros to share breaking news as it happens so you never miss a beat.

We’ve rounded up our must-follow Twitter accounts for engineers to help you maximize your efficiency and stay relevant in your field.

@techreview – MIT Tech Review

There’s no stone of technology left unturned on this Twitter account! Whether your interests lie in energy, robotics, automotive or anything in-between, MIT Tech Review has you covered. We’re particularly fans of their unbiased, scientific approach to sharing information. Why You Should Follow: These aren’t opinions and editorials – this account shares facts and research about the industry, including its trajectory and peripheral factors that will shape the future of engineering and technology.

@IntEngineering – Interesting Engineering

This Twitter account stays true to its name and shares interesting engineering articles, but that’s not why we love it! The nerd and engineering humor in their tweets had us literally laughing out loud. Why You Should Follow: It’s informational and entertaining – the best of both worlds!

@EngineerYasmin – Yasmin Ali

Yasmin is a chemical engineer who won Women’s Engineering Society Young Woman of the Year in 2013. Her tweets are full of career advice for engineers. She also champions an important conversation in the field: empowering women in engineering and encouraging future generations of female engineers. Why You Should Follow: Yasmin has her pulse on the future of females of engineering. Her wealth of knowledge on the topic and quality career advice are two realms of information no engineer should be without.


We know you’re probably already following this Twitter account, but just in case you aren’t, we had to include it! NASA encourages you to keep your head in the skies with their frequent updates on milestones and findings outside of our atmosphere. And yes, they post more than just cool space photos! Why You Should Follow: NASA’s findings are used across industries, likely including the one you’re a part of. It may be a U.S. organization, but space exploration impacts all of humanity.

@RethinkRobotics – Rethink Robotics

This company created game changing engineers for manufacturing, but their tweets span far beyond their products. They aggregate robotics news from a variety of sources to share the latest and greatest things happening in the world of robots. Why You Should Follow: The possibilities with robots are endless! Rethink Robotics might specialize in manufacturing, but they share articles that are industry agnostic about how robotics can be used in a variety of ways.

@Lynn-Allen – Lynn Allen

If you use AutoCAD in any capacity, you NEED to follow this Twitter account! Lynn Allen is an expert in the space and she tweets helpful articles along with the latest trends and breakthroughs in AutoCAD. Why You Should Follow: As the industry changes, so do the uses for AutoCAD. Her tweets will ensure that you never fall behind with the tool.

@EDNcom – EDN.com

Are circuits your thing? This electrical engineering Twitter account is undoubtedly the one for you! Full of tips and tricks on circuits and electrical engineering wizardry, you’re sure to come away with knowledge and insights. Why You Should Follow: Let’s be honest: circuitry isn’t easy. @EDNcom breaks down how to improve your knowledge in the space without playing industry favorites.

@IEEESpectrum – IEEE Spectrum

If you want to read all of your engineering news in one place, IEEE Spectrum is the Twitter account for you. From electrical to biomedical, every engineering field is covered! These aren’t stuffy pieces, they’re interesting updates on the engineering world at large. Why You Should Follow: We know how important efficiency is to engineers. Finding all of your engineering news from one source saves you time and effort.

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