Close your organization’s skills gap with Modis Academy.

Through our alliance with industry-leading training partners, you'll have greater access than ever to candidates with the advanced, in-demand skillsets your organization needs.

What’s Modis Academy?

Modis Academy is a highly innovative educational and employment advancement program. Through Modis Academy, we offer our clients access to an industry-leading training program that adds value to business initiatives while simultaneously promoting career progression opportunities for tech talent. Our goal is to ensure that graduates of Modis Academy have the specialized skills they need to hit the ground running on assignment.

Why was Modis Academy created?

An increasing number of technology and engineering decision makers agree that a skills gap exists in their industries. Additionally, many of these same leaders say that it’s becoming difficult to fill roles that require cutting-edge skills in fields such as software development, data analytics and UX design. So, Modis Academy was created to help today’s IT and engineering workers boost their skills and close this talent gap.

You benefit from our candidates’ unique skill sets.

Modis Academy has joined forces with industry-leading training partners. Through these partnerships, Modis Academy candidates gain experience working on an extensive array of individual and collaborative-based projects. In addition to learning hard skills, they also gain valuable soft skills such as leadership, communication, public speaking and teamwork. Plus, with an average of six years of prior work experience, our candidates can offer your organization invaluable perspectives and complimentary skills—they’re prepared to step right into a role on your team and thrive.

Tap into our network of Modis Academy graduates.

Modis Academy offers flexible training solutions tailored to fit each students’ specific needs. Our Upskilling program allows consultants that are already on assignment with Modis the opportunity to enhance their current skillsets through part-time and on-demand learning paths. Consultants not currently on assignment with Modis can chose our Reskilling program. This full-time immersive program allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge on specific capabilities through a customized training program. Regardless of which they choose, they’ll graduate more qualified than ever to meet your organization’s demands.

Our Training Partners

  • General Assembly

    General Assembly logo

    General Assembly offers programs in Software Development, Data Science, User Experience & Design, Digital Marketing and Product Management. A range of formats and modalities are available to help students achieve their goals, including full-time, part-time and short-form options — on campus and online.

  • Pluralsight

    Pluralsight logo

    With assessments, learning paths and over 7,000 courses authored by industry experts, the Pluralsight platform covers all the latest technologies across Software Development, Mobility, Cloud, Microservices, Machine learning, Security, Agile & more. The self-paced online platform allows students to tap into expertise from anywhere and develop skills quickly through personalized course recommendations.

  • Simplilearn

    Simplilearn logo

    Simplilearn specializes in online training in disciplines such as Project Management, IT Service & Architecture, Agile, Scrum, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, Data Science, Cyber Security & Quality Management. Their training is delivered through a blended learning approach that combines instructor-led live virtual classrooms, online self-paced modules, hands-on projects, and 24/7 assistance resulting in better user engagement and outcomes.

  • Opsgility

    Opsgility logo

    Opsgility is the global leader in enabling the Microsoft Cloud through digital skills transformation and students learn from global experts in an interactive classroom. Opsgility provides customized content and hands-on labs are leveraged to develop the latest skills, learn best practices and prepare for certifications across all Cloud technologies.

If you’re interested in working with Modis Academy to expand your tech and engineering talent pipeline and find candidates with the most in-demand skills, please contact us today.