The world is undergoing a technological transformation filled with opportunity - businesses that adapt will thrive.

Modis offers permanent and contract staffing services across a range of specialisms, each delivered with agility and flexibility. Enabling us to create enduring partnerships based on shared values.

It's our mission to assist you in driving tangible business outcomes in this technologically-advanced world. We partner with you to reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and take advantage of external expertise, assets and intellectual property.

We do this by connecting you to a network of over 5,000 skilled colleagues speaking more than 20 languages. With our unrivalled local market knowledge and global presence, we can collaborate to improve all aspects of your IT processes, services, applications and infrastructure. Whether you require consultants, agile teams mobilised on projects or tailored solutions.

By working alongside your business at every stage of the value chain, we can understand your challenges first-hand. Our core values emphasise getting this right in every partnership, striving for:

  • Efficiency and quality
  • Flexibility and transparency
  • Compliance and risk transfer
  • Business continuity and sustainability
  • Partnership and retention

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is experiencing huge swells of growth and as such, has great demand for the right quality of candidate looking for a career in the specific engineering industry and Modis has the best people in place to make these connections for your business.
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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) enables organisations to use data to improve their decision-making processes. Basically, it’s getting the right information to the right people at the right time. And it’s a booming market sector.
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CMS (Content Management Systems)

People today have an endless hunger for digital content and experts in the content management systems (CMS) that deliver it are in huge demand. Our consultants have strong relationships with some of the industry’s leading employers. We can help both candidates and clients make the right connections.

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Cyber Security

If you are thinking of stepping in to the world of cyber security for your next career move you might be pleasantly surprised to know how thriving the current market is. If you are a technical person looking for a role in cyber security, we have many positions from entry level to senior jobs covering all areas of the industry.

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Data Science

The rapid growth in AI, data science and Big Data has created a jobs boom in the UK with 56,000 data science positions expected to be created each year from now until at least 2020. At Modis, we have a team of specialist data science recruiters who can help you in your search for the top talent in the industry.

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MS Dynamics

MS Dynamics helps businesses create end-to-end touchpoints throughout the customer journey. In a world that has become data obsessed, it's vital businesses can analyse and report on the data to make informed decisions on their customers' needs. Playing such a pivotal role in many company CRM strategies means a constant need for the best talent and those with proficient skills in MS Dynamics are highly sought after candidates.

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Oracle EBS Fusion

Oracle Cloud provides leading-edge capabilities in software, platform, infrastructure and data as a service. With 430,000 customers in 175 countries, the demand for experts in this technology is high. Our experience of matching candidates with businesses in this field is unrivalled. Speak with us today about finding your perfect match.

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SAP (Systems, Applications & Products)

SAP is one of the biggest and highest paid areas of specialisation within the industry, with many roles available as either an SAP consultant working on a project basis or roles working directly for SAP. At Modis, we have significant experience in connecting clients and candidates in the industry.

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Salesforce has achieved great success since its birth and is now the world's number one customer relationship (CRM) management platform. This rapid company growth inevitably will create many more jobs globally as demand will only get bigger.

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With huge advancements in AI and deep learning predicted to continue on a rapid trajectory, companies investing in the technology is at an all-time high. Modis can help identify candidates with niche skills to service this area of employment so that businesses can accelerate their development in this field of expertise.

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