Well Architected

The underlying principles of service engineering and delivery of the Modis AWS Practice trace their origins back to the start of the Well-Architected concept, deep within AWS.

The Well-Architected framework has been at the core of the Modis consulting approach to customers for over half a decade (since 2014), and has resulted in customer workloads that have been secure, reliable and fault-tolerant, scalable, performed efficiently, maintained with continual improvement, and cost effective: the underlying traits of the Well-Architected framework.

We have even seen these approaches, coupled with our involvement with national government cybersecurity agencies, lead to having our government customers recognised for sustained excellence in cybersecurity in 2020.

Our Modis AWS Cloud Best Practice approaches (our internal tenets of operation) have ensured Modis has exceeded customer requirements wherever possible on these pillars of the Well-Architected framework.


Some will remember the massive storms that hit Sydney in 2016. Swimming pools and buildings were washed away into the ocean, and one Availability Zone of the AWS Sydney Region went offline for a short period. Many customers were affected by this outage, mostly through the architectures and implementation choices they had made.

Modis AWS customers were not impacted in this way. Our Well-Architected engineering ensured that failover was automatic and timely; systems that had to failover did so without human intervention, and the impact was measured in seconds, not hours or days.

Available to you

Modis is excited to offer the deep technical and operational insights we have to our customers, by way of conducting Well-Architected Reviews of your workloads. The Modis AWS Practice has some of the most experienced staff in the region, and our team are qualified (by AWS) to perform Well-Architected reviews of your AWS cloud deployments to help you achieve the same as we do for our existing customers.

How it works

This is designed to be a short, immediate turn around engagement. Our review team are engaged for up to two days, of which a half a day is direct engagement with our technical team. One workload will be reviewed, and a report produced giving you visibility (or even confirmation) of items that could be remediated to improve your deployment according to the five pillars of the Well Architected framework.

For a limited time, customers who complete a well architected review may also be eligible for service credits from AWS for having had this review completed.

  1. Pre-work: customer sends background information on the workload to the Modis review team
  2. Engagement: customer to dedicate senior/lead engineers to work with our review team
  3. Post-engagement: Modis team writes up their findings and recommendations.
  4. Follow up: you remediate the workload, or engage a partner to do so for you (we’d be happy to help as well)

You’re armed with knowledge, validated that you have covered as much as possible.

Why Modis?

  • Modis has been an AWS Partner since 2013, and an Advanced Tier partner since 2014. There’s no compression algorithm for experience, and that experience is critical to success in the cloud.
  • Modis is a Government Competency partner. We’ve been servicing state and federal government for 25 years.
  • The Modis AWS Practice holds many certifications; most of our team hold multiple certifications, and some of our team have been amongst the first in the world to obtain these certifications. Our team also contains certification Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who help contribute to creating the AWS certifications.
  • The Modis team has several of the AWS Partner Ambassadors amongst its team, since 2017.
  • In Australia, Modis has been an Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Joint Cyber Security Centre member; our team are regularly briefed on threats that affect and take action to protect our customers.

Next steps

Contact Modis today to engage us to perform a Well-Architected Review of your AWS Cloud deployment.

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