Public Sector

We've worked extensively with government agencies in migrating their core business systems to the AWS Cloud.

With a close eye on data jurisdiction, resiliency and scalability, we provide services that Government Agencies rely on.

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A long history with Government

Modis has been delivering technology services to the Public Sector globally, with central and local governments here in the UK as well as state and federal governments in Australia, United States and beyond for over two decades. Industry sources consistently place Modis in the top 10 consulting suppliers to government.

In the UK we have been working with Central Government departments such as The Home Office and Ministry of Justice supplying strategic architecture and strategy in AWS for several years, whilst Modis’ first AWS award in Australia was for the Western Australian Police in 2013. Since then we’ve helped architect, secure, build, and operate critical systems of government agencies on the AWS Cloud.

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In 2020, Amazon Web Services awarded Modis the Government Competency, a reflection of this long, and deep capability in engaging with and delivering outcomes to government customers. This Competency requires significant experience and rigor on delivery of both AWS Cloud capability and dealing with Government procurement processes.

Cloud + Government + Innovation

A key element to the Modis approach is not just to take the current technology landscape of an organisation and lift-and-shift it into the cloud, but to work closely with our customers and deliver true innovation.

With decades of experience in software development and integration, Cloud is a natural extension to us. Combining software development, project management, change management, and led by our business strategy consulting, Modis can deliver revolutionary solutions that transform the way organisations work.

With our eye on economics, we ensure tangible time to value,  minimise interruption to ongoing service, least time to value prioritisation, and repeated high velocity delivery using Agile and DevOps method - even with authoritative information systems and critical business services.

Advara: Land Registry as a Service

Modis, in partnership with the state government of Western Australia’s land jurisdiction, Landgate, created Advara, the world’s first and only Cloud based automated land registry. This platform secures trillions of dollars’ worth of real property and is set to become a major platform across the world.

For many years, the lands industry on the registry side was based upon physical paper inspection of artefacts and evidence. The Advara Land Registry platform lift this to the cloud, and improves it with automated transaction processing, help support the lands settlement industry with near real-time registration for the vast majority of transactions, reducing the human overhead of processing, and the customer turn-around time dramatically (typically from days, to seconds).

Jury Management for Justice Departments

Modis took over maintenance and operation of an AWS cloud-based scheduling and contact system for providing jurors to court rooms. This critical coordination helps our justice departments deliver their mission-critical purpose of operating our legal system.

Find out how Modis can provide you with innovative AWS cloud based solutions and servicesModis has been an AWS Advanced Tier Partner since 2014. Modis' AWS Cloud Consulting services encompasses fundamentals of cyber security, fault tolerant digital system architecture, modernisation, traditional virtual machine or through to modern Serverless approaches, commercial off-the-shelf software operation to bespoke software development, delivered with high throughput, repeatable DevOps approaches to operations. With over half a decade of running critical authoritative government data sets that affects the lives of millions of citizens and the economies of the state, Modis has one of the most mature, experienced and recognised consulting service providers in the world. More importantly, we like to work very closely with our customers, not providing something to purchase, but taking a deep understanding of their business, and providing the recommendations and implementations to ensure a modern, efficient, reliable and secure environment for digital business systems.Contact us
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