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ICT Assurance Services

Our ICT Assurance Services support customers in the Government and Defence sector that need to maintain high levels of security, resilience and safety. We currently deliver large-scale contracts in Central Government and Defence including collaboration technology and change management of sensitive systems and communications infrastructure including operational data which impacts real world scenarios.

We deliver these services in over 1000 locations. We effectively help to manage the core information capability for key areas of government including defence and have a great deal of contextual knowledge in this area.

We are the experts who manage critical business and IT change for UK & Global Operations.

Modis has been proving independent assurance of IT systems to a number of defence and other government clients for many years.

We have a teams of highly trained, security cleared and experienced engineers who will advise and assist you in mitigating such risks and vulnerabilities.

Can you effectively answer the following 4 questions?
  1. Is your IT system installed and maintained in accordance with current statutory regulations, British Standards and industry best practice?
  2. Are proposed changes to your IT system properly authorised, assessed for compatibility, functionality and deliver value for money?

  1. Are changes to your IT system recorded and kept under formal configuration control arrangements?
  2. Is your IT system routinely inspected and audited to ensure ongoing electrical and physical safety, security and resilience?

Failing to address these questions can lead to risk of personal injury and fire along with costly outages, loss of operational and business outputs, breaches of security and loss of critical data.

Services are packaged into 4 core areas below, you can select all or any of these to meet your specific needs.

IT Systems Health\Check Review

  • Technical assessment of the design architecture to ensure that it is functionally correct, meets operational requirements and provides value for money
  • Review of all drawings to ensure currency and that the network layout is complete and consistent with the operational requirements
  • Advice on potential security vulnerabilities
  • Advice on potential safety issues and noncompliances
  • Review of all test certificates to ensure compliance with relevant standards including:
    – Electrical certification
    – Copper cable test results
    – Fibre-optic cable test results.

ICT Assurance Support

  • Management of change process money
  • Management of system change register
  • Production of security assessments
  • Drawing office services
  • Archiving of drawings and records

IT Systems Health\Check Review

  • Design Options
  • Security compliance
  • Standards compliance
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Electrical compliance
  • Cyber defence measures
  • Review of the Bill of Materials to ensure accuracy and consistency with the design
  • Review of security documentation for completeness, accuracy and consistency with the design
  • Value for Money

IT Systems Health\Check Review

Inspection and testing of cabinets and power supplies, network components and equipment cabinets to ensure compliance with:

  • National and European legislative requirements and standards IET electrical regulations
  • Customer policy, security and operational requirements
  • Contractual requirements
  • Business continuity resilience requirements

About Our Services

Modis provides Site Co-Ordination and Installation Design Authority (SCIDA) Services to all MOD sites conducting flying operations and other key MOD establishments in the UK and overseas. In accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority requirements, the RAF is mandated to be fully compliant and demonstrate a system of assurance for ground based flight safety systems, navigations aids and their supporting communications and networks.

Comprehensive SCIDA Services are essential in enabling the Safety, Security and Resilience of vital Communications and Information Systems (CIS). Furthermore, the configuration control and maintenance of drawings inherent in SCIDA services enables fast and efficient modifications and updates to CIS, thus providing an element of future proofing.

Benefits of our assurance services

  • TDesign scrutiny for compliance and Value for Money.

  • Enhanced personnel security.

  • TEMPEST countermeasures correctly applied.

  • Accurate drawings for all Level 1 and 2 CIS facilities.

  • Policing of unauthorised change.

  • Specialist advice and consultancy.

  • Translation to independent SMEs.

  • Promotion of best practice

What is a Site Co-ordinating Installation Design Authority (SCIDA)?

SCIDA ensures that communication information systems installed on MOD sites are controlled certified and authorised in accordance with the mandatory regulations. This provides assurance in terms of safety, security and compliance.

How we strive to achieve SCIDA:

  • Availability – optimising operational availability through good engineering practice.

  • Flexibility – by ensuring installation documentation and standards are adhered to.

  • Economy – identifying spare capacity, alternative solutions and promoting efficiency.

  • Confidentiality – ensuring radion security and TEMPEST countermeasures.

  • Integrity – ensuring installations do not suffer from or be the cause of electrical interference.

  • Resilience – ensuring installations do not suffer from or be the cause of electrical interference.

We prepare your business for an evolving technological landscape - delivering expertise to answer real business problems.

Failing to address these questions can lead to risk of personal injury and fire along with costly outages, loss ofOur increasingly-technological world is disrupting business processes and outcomes. This disruption often works for the greater good. It forces businesses to adopt greater efficiencies and breaks down barriers that were previously clearly defined; allow Modis to be your experts in this tech-driven landscape.

The boundaries between our specialist sectors – IT and Engineering – are now dissolving. These areas will continue to converge as we enter a new era of smarter devices, smarter cities, and smarter industries.

In this world of complexity, where technology drives constant change, it’s more important than ever to work with the right people. At the right time. In the right ways.

That’s where we come in.

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