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Work Package Services

We understand the importance of finding the right solution to your work force needs. Through our Work Package services we can provide solutions that; overcome headcount restrictions, increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, provide visibility of the outputs or resources, reduce costs and support strategic decisions to outsource business functions.

We are unique in our ability to be able to create blended resourcing solutions utilising our market leading Modis Employed Consultant Model, Contractors or Modis Associates, across a wide variety of skill sets and levels.

Our Work Package Services are delivered either onsite or through a combination of local and multi-regional specialist support. We take every step to ensure that the services we deliver are not only flexible but put client’s needs first and foremost.

Our Services

Managed Teams

On-site management of resources in line with your permanent population. We set out clear responsibilities, goals, targets, milestones, accountabilities and rewards to reduce the time you spend managing your workforce

  • We share your risk by linking the performance of the team to our financial models therefore, you know we are 100% committed to achieving your business goals.
  • Key benefits of having an Modis Managed Team are high quality specialist resources operating within a performance culture and the reduction in management and HR overheads.

Headcount Outsourcing

Reduce overheads and drive efficiency by outsourcing individual functions or role types

We offer unparalleled experience in the staffing industry which enables us to deliver quality resources into the Headcount Outsourcing agreement through a blend of permanent, temporary and contract staff.

We enable you to focus strategically on your business rather than managing the day to day tactical needs of your resources.

  • End to end solution; workforce planning, solution design, recruitment, delivery, redeployment and management support.
  • Delivers against your key drivers such as quality, diversity, skill, cost and performance
  • Supported by a team that brings insight and foresight from a local and global level to tackle a specific resourcing challenge whilst minimising potential risks.
  • Enables our clients to spend more time working on activities that are core to their business and less on those that are not. We take responsibility for the quality of the resources, the output of their work and handle all HR management and administrative aspects associated to employees or contractors.

The Benefits

  • Reducing costs by delivering on average a 10-15% cost reduction versus
    traditional contractor or consultancy resource
  • Provides a scalable, hassle free solution with the ability to flex up or scale
    down resources in line with the demands of the business
  • Ensures stability of service and knowledge transfer with dedicated team of
    HR, training and development professionals

We prepare your business for an evolving technological landscape - delivering expertise to answer real business problems.

Failing to address these questions can lead to risk of personal injury and fire along with costly outages, loss ofOur increasingly-technological world is disrupting business processes and outcomes. This disruption often works for the greater good. It forces businesses to adopt greater efficiencies and breaks down barriers that were previously clearly defined; allow Modis to be your experts in this tech-driven landscape.

The boundaries between our specialist sectors – IT and Engineering – are now dissolving. These areas will continue to converge as we enter a new era of smarter devices, smarter cities, and smarter industries.

In this world of complexity, where technology drives constant change, it’s more important than ever to work with the right people. At the right time. In the right ways.

That’s where we come in.

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