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In April 2014, the Home Office’s UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) department selected Modis to design, implement and support a brand new video conferencing centre to facilitate VISA applications from around the world.

The Scenario

The solution needed to deliver a reliable and highly secure service while meeting stringent risk management and security requirements set out by RMADS and ITHC. This could significantly reduce costs in government for meeting and reviewing applications from people around the world to come to live and work in the UK.

The Solution

We deployed a Collaboration solution using Microsoft Cloud services and Microsoft Lync technology. Effectively video conferencing but with no local IT infrastructure as its all based in Microsoft Cloud Data Centres so highly secure and resilient. The Lync solution allows interviewers to review meetings with potential immigrants during and after the initial meeting so that body language and behavioural experts can assess any risks.

The Home Office needed to be sure that Microsoft Lync was the only application accessible to users, so we used Microsoft Windows to guarantee a locked-down kiosk infrastructure. These kiosks are booths where an interviewer can go and sit, conduct an interview using Lync over Cloud Services and be assured of security but with no need to travel and the ability to have a high quality interactive video experience with people who potentially might move to the UK. We also deployed a resilient Cisco network to support the video capability.

We provide this solution as a managed service with our team ready to support remotely any technical issues with the environment from our Single Point of Contact Service Desk and 2nd Line specialists. We’re also currently expanding to include more sites and more kiosks across the UK in 2015 due the success of the core programme.


The Outcome

The Home Office have a highly secure and resilient solution to meet the business challenge of interviewing candidates from across the world. The kiosks provide a safe and quiet environment to conduct these important interviews and assess any risks for people looking to move to the UK. The interviews can be replayed at any time to verify any risks or concerns. We met complex security and compliance requirements such as RMADS and Penetration testing as part of our service which was paramount to the customer with ever-increasing regulatory matters in all business sectors. The locked down kiosks and Lync technology means that its very user-friendly and very minimal training is required for new staff to use the system. Overall we reduced cost of conducting interviews, provided a solution that can be used immediately if a candidate is available and met complex security requirements.

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