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Posted 01 June 2021

We were tasked with delivering a custom-designed, seamlessly integrated & fully supported video conferencing solution.

The Scenario

The client was a high-profile public sector organisation related to national security and whose work requires a high level of precision and legal adherence. Data security and reliable business processes are a prime concern, reflecting the importance of the work. We* were tasked with designing, implementing and supporting a completely new video conferencing centre to liaise with parties all over the world. The sensitive nature of the work required a highly reliable, robust and accessible service both for customers and staff. Furthermore, the system needed to adhere to stringent risk-management and security protocols at all times.

The Solution

We built and integrated the new system from the ground up. This new environment reduced risk and boosted resilience by making critical services such as authentication, DHCP, and DNS available across multiple settings. The Cisco-based network provided redundant WAN internet connections for Microsoft Office 365’s Lync online service, along with redundant internal connections to the supporting infrastructure. Reliability was crucial, so we backed up the system between two sites, avoiding service disruption even in the event of site failures. Our design ensures that, in the event of a service outage, the video conferencing facility will remain fully-functional without compromising security. The client needed to be sure that Microsoft Lync was the only application accessible to users, so we used Microsoft Windows 7 to guarantee a locked-down kiosk infrastructure, and delivered domain-joined workstations ready for user login. We also provided a three-year ongoing service desk service for the client, giving them a single point for escalation of any technical issues and offering full flexibility throughout.

The Outcome

The client received a custom-designed, seamlessly integrated and fully supported video conferencing solution with exceptional levels of reliability and security to match the sensitive nature of the work involved.

Moving forward, the client can rely on industry-leading customer support for any and all technical issues, enabling them to adjust to any changes and overcome all obstacles.

*Modis, with Badenoch + Clark form part of The Adecco Group

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