<span class="cs-dtls">Ministry of Defence</span> <span class="cs-src">An increased complexity in the regulation, compliance and governance for ground based flight safety systems, navigation aids and their supporting communications and networks resulted in the MoD seeking a partner to manage this set of processes.</span>

Posted 03 May 2021

An increased complexity in the regulation, compliance and governance for ground based flight safety systems, navigation aids and their supporting communications and networks resulted in the MoD seeking a partner to manage this set of processes.

This is known as SCIDA (Site Co-Ordination and Installation Design Authority) so effectively all business process and technology change is carefully governed, assessed before implemented and audited at a later date to check on compliance. This is essential with direct impact on operational concerns and risks to lives of operational people.

The Scenario

The challenge was how to resource this capability with skilled experts with preferably military experienced people who would understand the specific needs of the MoD.

The customer also needed a reliable, fixed price model to deliver a quality and consistent service across over 1000 locations.

The Solution

Modis provided a dedicated military experienced onsite team due to the highly secure nature of this service. Modis’ comprehensive SCIDA Services are essential in enabling the Safety, Security and Resilience of vital Communications and Information Systems (CIS). Furthermore, the configuration control and maintenance of drawings inherent in SCIDA services enables fast and efficient modifications and updates to CIS, providing a future proofed environment. Modis provide Technical Agents (TAs) who act as technical advisors to RAF project managers for provision of CIS in new and refurbished buildings. Our team also oversees delivery of CIS to ensure it meets the standards required and that any project meets all relevant British and military regulations. Projects are typically 18 months long and our TAs are actively involved in five or six projects at a time.

Modis provides governance of all process and technology change at Airfield sites across the UK, Germany, Gibraltar and Cyprus, two examples of the many projects we have led are:

We provided the CIS designs for a new Regional Medical Centre which was built at RAF Leeming. This included complex telephony and IT services, together with connection to the Station’s Air Traffic Control crash alarm and management radio system for control of medical services in the event of an emergency.

When the MoD purchased 22 Airbus A400M aircraft to meet future transport and air lift needs the RAF had invested in a £226 million specialist training school (The Schoolhouse) at RAF Brize Norton. This facility included flight simulators and a replica suite of all IT equipment. On this project we attended strategic board meetings, design and security workshops and we provided the detailed CIS designs. This project involved 36km of cabling including 10km of fibre optic, 500 terminals and 12 network cabinets. On completion of the installation our SCIDA team led the security accreditation process through detailed installation inspections, TEMPEST visual assessments and document verification.

  • Lead Supplier to the MOD for SCIDA Specialist Services covering approx 600 locations
  • Extensively experienced CIS/ICT engineers assuring MOD systems in the UK, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Germany
  • Specialists in TEMPEST assessment and guidance
  • NEBOSH, ISO 9001, CEng/IEng and IET Electrical Regs 17th Edition qualified staff
  • ICT, building and space planning technical drawing office services
  • All staff MOD Security Cleared up to enhanced TS level

“I would like to thank the SCIDA team at the RAF assisting in us gaining accreditation for the school house. The Modis* team tailored the solution to align to our various policies, worked quickly meeting the milestones for the building schedule and also managed all the onsite service delivery for our data and telephony requirements.”
*Ajilon, the previous trading name of Modis International.

Senior Manager, Abbeywood
Managed Services

The Outcome

Modis provide a critical and specialist service to MoD including the RAF communications branch and support to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. Our Solution delivers a fixed price model and a fully Managed Service which includes experts with military experience and backgrounds. There exists no other quality assurance agency that can certify that design and installations comply with relevant numerous British Standards, MoD security regulations and H&S standards. We also provided TEMPEST countermeasure advice and installation assurance plus liaison with third parties.

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