Ministry of Justice HMCTS - CJS Common Platform and Reform Programmes
Delivering IT-enabled business change and digitising the criminal justice system

Posted 10 May 2021

HMCTS- CJS Common Platform and Reform Programmes Delivering IT-enabled business change and digitising the criminal justice system

The Scenario

The Criminal Justice System (CJS) Common Platform Programme (CPP) and Reform Programme has been established as a joint initiative to define and implement IT-enabled transformational business change within the CJS spanning the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. Its key transformation role is to build a capability within the business for IT-enabled change so that the business can be more responsive and agile in the future.

The goal was to introducing paperless technologies to help a document-intensive environment. The objective of the CJS Common Platform Programme is to transform criminal justice from a fragmented, paper-based system to one that is digitally renovated. The vision for the reformed and digitised system is for a seamless and secure transfer case information from police to prosecution through to defence and the courts without delay, so that the people who need the information have it at the right time. This would result in protection of highly sensitive data and prevent losses and breaches in confidentiality.

The overall aim is to improve the experience for all court users and those working within criminal justice system, whilst reducing cost and maintaining transparency.

The Solution

Modis* recognised the complexity and importance of both Programmes and was appointed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as one of their Technical Partners for Digital Service Consultancy and Agile Supplier. We set up an account delivery team, and allocated an Account Director to this work. The Account Director worked closely with the MoJ to define the scope, programme plans, and desired future state. After initial consultancy around both the Programme’s objectives, skills gaps and suitable resource model and plan, Modis* successfully delivered and is continuing to deliver a digital consultancy service that currently comprises:

  • Project Management
  • Agile Project Management for MOJ ICT
  • IDAM Project Management
  • Front / Back End and Full Stack Development
  • Testing
  • Agile Coaches
  • Delivery Managers
  • Digital Test Management

The above activities are supported by necessary knowledge transfer and coaching to employees.

*Modis, with Badenoch + Clark form part of The Adecco Group

The Outcome

We* set up and managed the Solution Assurance Workstream for the Electronic Monitoring (EM) Programme for rolling out a new generation of radio frequency and GPS Ankle Tags for the curfew monitoring of offenders. The role reported into the Programme Director and covered Information Assurance, GDPR and Test Assurance of the four major suppliers (Capita, Airbus, G4S and Telephonica) under a SIAM Service Delivery Model including returning inhouse the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) layer transferred from the supplier.

  • Developed and agreed the EM Programme Solution Assurance Strategy
  • Scoped and advised on the Memorandum of Understanding with the incumbent Test Assurance Services supplier
  • Developed an agreed Integrated Solution Assurance Plan
  • Managed the procurement of and onboarding of a new Test Assurance Services
  • Supplier (BAe Applied Intelligence) conducted on-going management of contracts and deliverables

*Modis, with Badenoch + Clark form part of The Adecco Group

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