IT Support & Monitoring Center

Villeneuve d’Ascq (Lille), France

Il nostro Delivery Centre di Villeneuve d'Ascq vanta un team multicompetenza e multilingua (Francese, Inglese, Spagnolo, Italiano, Tedesco, Olandese). Il nostro ruolo è quello di fornire all’utente finale servizi e consulenza dedicati all’assistenza per le applicazioni, alla supervisione e alla gestione.

Forniamo i nostri servizi 24 ore al giorno, 7 giorni a settimana.

Competenze disponibili:

  • Tecnici ICT
  • Ingegneria della qualità
  • Gestione dei servizi
  • Gestione problemi/incidenti
  • Gestione del know-how
  • Consulenti ITIL

Tecnologie offerte:

  • ITSM

    • Service Now
    • Easy Vista
    • Remedy

  • CTI/monitoraggio

    • Genesys
    • Centreon

  • Ambiente del cliente

    • Windows, Linux
    • Applicazioni aziendali
    • iOS, Android

Partner con cui collaboriamo:

  • TNT
  • Kiabi
  • Etam

End-to-end reliability

Our IT Support & Monitoring Delivery is multi-skilled and multi-lingual - including French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch speakers. 

Our role is to supply end-user services and expertise on application support, supervision and management.

When you partner with us, Our IT Associates combine their leadership and organizational skills and knowledge with an excellent understanding of how critical IT Support & Monitoring can be to your business.

Performance and precision perfected

three people looking at a computer

We deliver our solutions from this center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a deep understanding of your procedural and qualitative needs, we take pride in partnering with you to deliver against your business requirements.  On time and within budget.