Professional Academy

Our offer of training courses and technical-specialist certifications for professionals.

With its global presence and technical know-how, Modis provides specific solutions, tailored to the needs of customers and beyond.

Leveraging its extensive expertise in technologt, Modis is also able to provide specialized technical training courses structured for different areas in the fields of IT, Engineering and Life Science, designed to bridge the technical and methodological skills gap.

Professional Academies, some of which are associated with internationally recnognised certification pathways (IREB®, ISTQB®), are meant for companies that want to invest in technological upskilling and ensure employees have a specialised and up-to-date high-tech knowledge set.


Thanks to the Group’s in-house expertise, we can also offer
a wide range of solutions and activities to support companies in accessing funded training.

Our clients can rely on our ability to design and implement customised training programmes to meet their needs leveraging Adecco Group’s training experience.

The courses are delivered in two ways:

  • scheduled by Modis
  • activated on-demand at the customer’s request.

To learn more, consult the online catalogue, or: 
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