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We are Modis

Professions are no longer clearly defined and are always evolving. Just as everybody else you want to be free to make choices and gain varied experience. We understand that knowledge is rapidly outdated in these times of fast technological progress and that education and training are of great importance. To do this we cooperate with universities of applied science and we develop training programmes at our Academy or in cooperation with our partners, such as ESA or Formula E.

Our focus is on the development of a varied team of experts who want to stand out. We are extremely proud of our team of 700 colleagues, with whom we have created an environment, during the past thirty years, in which we can learn from each other, develop skills and create new ideas. We are engineers, data scientists, designers, developers, technicians and researchers. We are Modis.

We focus on you!

At Modis we put you first. We guide our people throughout theirs career by being closely involved in their development, both personally and professionally. We invest in you every day, so that you can become the all-rounder or expert you have always wanted to be.

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Modis Tech Consulting

Getting started as a consultant? We speak your language, because we are experts ourselves with years of experience in Engineering, Information Technology and Life Sciences. As a consultant at Modis you are part of our team and will be a specialist to our clients.

You will have the opportunity to work on different projects and learn ongoing from new dynamics and expertise. With the right skills you translate solutions to the needs of our countless clients. And we help you in your further development, whether you start at Modis as a Junior Consultant or as an experienced Project Lead.

Machinery & Industrial Automation | Construction & Installation Engineering | Piping Construction | Energy | Aerospace | Automotive | Semi-Conductors | Pharma | Food Industry | Infrastructure | Service desk | Data Analysis | Cyber Security | Digital Transformation | RPA |

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Modis Tech Talent Services

Want to use your talent effectively and flexibly? At Modis we help you in your passage with our A-brand clients. Together we will look for what best suits your knowledge, experience and ambitions and prepare you with the right skills for the future.

Continue your development via our Modis Online Academy platform and get started with a course or masterclass in: Digital Transformation, Lean Management, Design Thinking or Personal and Professional Leadership.

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Modis Tech Academy

The kickstart of your career with a traineeship? Do professional training, personal development and a tailor-made program and coaching appeal to you?

A changing world requires flexible thinkers. People who approach things a little differently. Who dare to challenge the status quo and keep looking at how things can be improved. That is why at Modis we look beyond your CV or what exactly you have studied for, we especially focus on who you are and what you want for your future. Your personal ambition, thinking style, learning ability and motivation. That's what we're going to work with. Because, if our talents believe in themselves, they can make the dream of their future come true! That is the essence of the traineeships that we develop.

Government | Information and change management | Information Technology | Robotic Process Automation | Recruitment & Sales | Finance | Sustainability |

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