Your safety is a top priority for us

In light of the updated measures that the Dutch government and Adecco Group Netherlands have announced to contain the spread of COVID-19, we would like to give you an update:

We find ourselves in an exceptional and unprecedented time of crisis. The highest priority of Adecco Group Netherlands is the safety of our colleagues, temporary workers and professionals!

Follow the client’s guidelines
At the moment you are working for Modis or Spring Professional for one of our clients. With regard to our colleagues who are working at the location of our client, we are monitoring the coronavirus guidelines of the client and ask you to follow them. With regard to our colleagues who are working in an Modis or Spring Professional office, we ask you to follow the coronavirus guidelines of the Adecco Group. If you have any questions about this, please contact your Modis or Spring Professional (talent)manager or your immediate superior at the client's company.

A challenging time for all of us
We understand that you are in an uncertain situation. We are currently doing everything we can, in consultation with you and our client, to offer you support in working from home or the office safely. We ask you for your flexibility and understanding to get through these challenging times together. Let’s do everything we can to make the situation as manageable as possible for all of us!

What should you do if you have symptoms
The following three points contain brief details of the most common scenarios:

  1. If you have a cold, or mild respiratory problems (such as a cough),but would still be able to work in a normal situation, we urge you to stay at home and report to your (talent)manager (and if necessary your contact person of the client). The (talent)manager will then contact the client you are working for to assess the possible options. We kindly request that you update your (talent)manager every two days. It is important to us that we can contact you to find out how your symptoms are developing and to see whether you are available for a new assignment which, for example, could involve you working from home temporarily.
  2. If your symptoms are so serious that you are unable to work (for example a cold and respiratory problems and a fever), please report to your (talent)manager. Please then contact your (talent)manager every other day to let them know how your symptoms are developing.
  3. We will be asking the parents of children at day care centres or school to be flexible and creative when it comes to looking after the children. It goes without saying that we understand that this is a difficult situation for you and we are therefore prepared to be flexible. If you are unable to arrange for someone to look after your children, please get in touch with your (talent)manager to discuss possible solutions.

What can we all do?
You yourself can, of course, also help to stop the further spread by taking the following precautionary measures:

  1. No handshaking
  2. Washing and drying your hands
    We urge you to pay extra attention to washing and drying your hands, several times a day.
  3. Sneeze into your elbow
    Be extra careful when you sneeze and do so into your elbow to prevent spreading the virus via your hands as much as possible.
  4. Taking your laptop home with you
    If the client has issued you with a laptop, you should always take it home with you so that you can work from home if necessary.

Thank you
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please take the preventative measures referred to and follow the guidelines to stay healthy. We wish you all the best in the time ahead.

Contact us

Please contact your Modis or Spring Professional (talent)manager if you have any questions.

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