Safely back to work

The COVID-19 health crisis and continued lockdown in many markets is posing never-before seen challenges to people and economies in The Netherlands and around the world. Governments have been setting up unprecedented economic support measures to assist businesses and workers alike. Wherever possible, employers have put in place own measures and/or funds to support their workers. Countless initiatives across the world are seeing the light to tackle the effects of the crisis.

Given the sense of urgency, the HR services industry spearheaded by the globally operating companies the Adecco Group, ManpowerGroup and Randstad, have formed an Alliance. As part of the Adecco Group together we endeavour to make a vital contribution to the process of preparing for the new normal and getting people safely back to work and businesses and economies running again. Interested in our approach?

Read the whitepaper ‘Safely back to work in the new normal’.


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