Fully automatically tensioned tennis rackets

Is it possible to tension a tennis racket fully automatically? This was the research question which Thomas and Wilbert were given for their work placement assignment. Thomas and Wilbert are both studying Mechanical Engineering at the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch and completed an engineering work placement with the Machine Construction team.

Thomas and Wilbert first did some field research with companies and professionals involved in tensioning tennis rackets and then they also did some online research into weaving techniques. After that they started working on devising technical solutions with the help of experienced colleagues in the department, which they developed into a 3D design (Solidworks). During their final presentation, in the presence of a number of experienced instructors, they presented and explained their research results. The constructors were suitably impressed.

Open learning environments leads to growth

As Wilbert explains, "It was a remarkable work placement and we were given a challenging assignment. We were made to feel welcome in an open work environment and we received excellent feedback which enabled us to carry out the assignment properly and develop. We learned about all the technical possibilities, how things work in practice and how research provides a good foundation for the eventual design. In addition to that we gained confidence thanks to the positive responses to our research and we're confident about graduating next year."

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