“Not many people can say they are involved in testing and producing rockets, spacecraft and satellites.”

Meet our Modis/Akkodis colleague Jamie, who is supporting the European Space Agency (ESA) as a Materials and Processes Technician. What is most interesting about his job is the wide range of testing opportunities and interesting projects Jamie gets to work on. Not many people can say they are involved in the testing and eventual production of rockets, spacecraft and satellites.

Can you tell us more about yourself?
My name is Jamie. I'm a 32 year old Engineer, originally from Livingston, Scotland. I moved over to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020 just prior to the global covid pandemic. I have always enjoyed using my hands and I think that's why I got into engineering so well. I really enjoy learning how things work and what makes them tick. Besides engineering, I enjoy cycling, wall climbing and gaming in my spare time.

What makes your current role so interesting?
The thing I find most interesting about being a materials and processes technician, is the wide range of testing capabilities and interesting projects I get to work on. I mean not many people can say they are involved in testing and producing rockets, spacecraft and satellites. I have worked in several labs over the span of my career, however no other lab had the range of testing capabilities like ESTEC does.

What sort of organisation is ESA?
ESA is a organisation that is dedicated to scientific pursuits over commercialisation and is passionate about the exploration of space and what this might potentially yield for future humankind. When you look back at the impact that ESA has had on Europe as an organization, it becomes immediately clear why it is so fundamentally important not only in terms of scientific pursuit, but also in the uniting Europe. 

Why did you choose a career with Modis/Akkodis at ESA?
Europe's history of excellence in space is one of the most visible achievements of European collaboration in science and technology in recent years. Who would not want to be part of something so significant. Also saying you were involved with the testing of some internationally known satellite/space craft launch is a source of pride for myself and I'm sure anyone else involved.

Why did you choose for Modis/Akkodis and how did the process go?
At the time, I was contacted by two consultancies both of whom were interested in putting me forward for the position I currently hold. Modis was just simply better in how they managed me and my enquiries. The communication between myself and Modis/Akkodis was great, they were very responsive and helped me with any questions or queries I had. I would certainly recommend Modis/Akkodis to anyone looking for exciting opportunities in the Space Industry. 

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