"At Modis, I am responsible for RPA projects and the deployment of our RPA trainees."

Tell me Elke, who are you and can you tell us more about your role at Modis?
My name is Elke, I am 25 years old and have been working at Modis for 2.5 years now. After starting as a (trainee) account manager, I was able to make the step up to Business Manager RPA. At Modis, I am responsible for the RPA projects and the deployment of our RPA trainees. My goal is to help as many organisations as possible to use RPA to improve their processes. It makes me very happy to see that we can really help people within organisations by taking their 'boring' work off their hands and letting technology do it for them.

What is it like to work in the technical world that gives you energy?
Because of my educational background and previous jobs in the hospitality industry, I always get a lot of energy from making sure people have a good time. This may not seem like the most obvious purpose of technology, but in my opinion that is exactly what it should do. By implementing smart technological developments, we can ensure that the employees of an organisation enjoy themselves even more. Getting people to see what technology can do for them and how this will help them enjoy their work gives me enormous energy. When I see that the solution we come up with together with our customers actually works and can solve a problem in practice and gets lots of positive reactions, then I have a successful day!

What would you personally tell others to inspire them to choose technology, even if they have no technical background (yet)?
Don't see technology as complicated and difficult! You do not have to know and be able to do everything to understand it. It is something that never stands still and is constantly developing. It can be used in so many different ways and places that there is always an interface between your interests and technology. For me, this proved to be a golden combination: a dynamic field in which you will never get bored.

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