''I'm able to carry on developing, both in my job and as a person''

''I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience. In 2013 I was studying Installation Technology for Electrical Systems at senior secondary education level [Middelbare Installatietechniek voor Elektrotechnische Installaties] (MIT-E) and that brought me into contact with fellow students who were working at Modis Engineering. The installation company I was working for at the time suffered greatly during the financial crisis. I wanted more security. At Modis Engineering I did not have to make choices immediately, but was able to work for various companies on the basis of a permanent contract and discover what sort of career I wanted. An interview was quickly arranged.''

Legendary pizza sessions

''For me Modis is the springboard that launched me into new worlds. I discovered my talents and my ambition. My education is being paid for and I'm offered training and courses so that I can continue developing. I'm developing both in my job and as a person. During the legendary pizza sessions, we share know-how and help each other progress. Working for various clients means I'm able to develop more quickly and my employer is interested in me as a person and invests in my future. Working for Modis and for clients means I have the best of both worlds.''

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