''My architectural knowledge and experience are valued''

"Just like many others, I lost my job during the crisis. Because my age made me a less attractive candidate, I attended courses in Revit to increase my chances on the job market. Unfortunately, I was often told during interviews that I had too little experience with Revit, although I did practise with it a lot. That was the case, at least, until I applied to Modis. They did not look at my work experience with Revit, but at what I was able to do with it. It felt good that my architectural knowledge and experience were valued.

Balance between work and private life

''Besides my work and caring for my family, I believe it is important to do something for society. The fact that I'm able to work at Modis part-time means I have time left for voluntary work and am able to find the right balance.''

Rapidly increasing experience

"However, what I most enjoy is the variety of projects. I do my work both internally and at the client's business. The projects I've worked on vary from converting a monastery into a nursing home to replacing the paving at a high-voltage station. We always assess how a project can best be tackled in order to achieve the desired result and my colleagues include my contribution in that assessment. I'm gaining experience at a rapid pace. All in all I still have a lot more to discover at Modis!"

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