“Training new colleagues/trainees is my passion.”

With an almost completed degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bram was looking for a suitable position. After a difficult search, he finally got in touch with a colleague at Modis/Akkodis. And with success, Bram has now been employed at Modis/Akkodis for six years. He likes to tell how he progressed from trainee to coordinator Lead Engineer Installation Technology.

How long do you work at Modis/Akkodis and how did you join us?

Before my first interview at Modis/Akkodis, I had prepared very well. I knew I didn't have enough (work) experience to start working in the position I desperately wanted. Fortunately Modis/Akkodis saw my potential, interest and above all motivation, and as a result I was allowed to start. Through many hours of self-study, in-service training at home and an MTWI (Middle Technician Mechanical Installations) course through the employer, I still came into my own in engineering.

You started as a trainee and progressed to Coordinator Lead Engineer Installation Technology, can you us more about that?

At the time I was given the opportunity to go on a full training program. I grabbed everything I could from the beginning. After my training everything went at a rapid pace, where I started as a modeler, at that time my supervisor left and a gap was created. The projects continued and at that moment I took on my advisory role with regard to the digital part, such as setting up the Cloud. That's where the function of coordinator came from where I had to bring all the models together. When that project ended, I was asked if I wanted to continue as a coordinator. At the moment I supervise a group of starters whom I teach everything about BIM (Building Information Model), our organization and prepare to become a beginning modeler.

What do you find most challenging about your work?

Training new colleagues/trainees is my passion. The amount of energy you give you get back four times as much. I also find everything to do with construction very cool, especially the innovation and digitalization piece. I can talk endlessly with great passion about BIM. It allows you to capture and connect all the data needed to realize a construction project. Among other things, you have insight into: construction drawings, calculations, schedules, management and maintenance reports. Beforehand, we sit down with all parties to gather as much information as possible. I am sure that construction will look very different in ten years, partly because of BIM.

For you, when is the work successful when you, end of day go home?

With the delivery of the models and drawings, I would like the client to be satisfied. The moment you start printing your own work you actually see the result. I also have that with residential construction, in the beginning you see an empty plain and suddenly there is a huge building with new apartments.

What are you most proud of?

The fact that I used to walk into the Modis/Akkodis office with sweating armpits, still inexperienced, and now I go to clients without nerves. I am sure I have a lot of knowledge and am convincing in what I can and do. When I walk around the department, colleagues come to me for help. Seeing my colleagues grow in their development makes me feel very proud!

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