“Cyber security expertise is needed to reduce digital vulnerability”

Ad has been with Modis for over 25 years in the field of information security. He has also been a member of our works council for many years, where he is committed to the welfare of our Modis colleagues. For Ad there is plenty of challenge.

"The world of IT changes at lightning speed, through targeted courses and the right certification I keep my knowledge up to date. When I start a new project, I first look at how the current process is running with the help of the right people. In projects, I am often responsible for a large team. The targeted management of colleagues and the clear definition of processes are therefore crucial.




Although digitisation is important, it also brings complex Cyber Security challenges with it. You can think of the increasing danger of the infringement of personal data or company secrets. The continuity of companies can also be at risk. So-called cryptoware can cause the loss of files and backups that are used to inflict deliberate damage.

Continuous challenges

In order to reduce digital vulnerability, expertise in the field of Cyber Security is badly needed. The challenge I see in this work is very important to me. Over the years, I have worked on various IT projects and in the past 25 years, no two years have been the same."

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