Would you like to work in the technical industry with a minimum of initial training? You can!

Work as an engineer despite having a minimum of previous technical education

Danny learned the profession on-the-job
Can you get a job as an engineer with only some initial specific training? Yes! Danny (23) has been working as a junior engineer at Modis for a year and has experienced this first hand. Although he already had an electrical engineering diploma, he was looking for the next step and did not know exactly which direction he wanted his career to take. He was approached by a Modis recruiter via a job vacancy website who asked to meet him for a chat and a cup of coffee, primarily because of certain competencies he possessed and, to a lesser extent, because of his specific experience within the specialist field.

Danny had electrical engineering experience and his CV mentioned that he was a gamer. The combination of technical knowledge and experience with computer programs turned out to be the perfect foundation. During the introductory meeting it was clear that personal development was a priority for him and this led to the realisation that he was a good match. He followed a personal training programme which introduced him to Eplan and, since then, he has been a successful member of the engineering team.

As Danny himself explains, "Before I was approached by Modis I was looking for work which would enable me to develop more as a person and give me more career opportunities. Although I enjoyed my work as a wiring engineer, I still felt something was missing. Via a friend of mine I came into contact with electrical engineering and Eplan. However, because I had no experience in the field, I didn't have much hope of getting a job. Despite that I took the plunge of putting my CV online and, sometime later, I was invited to an initial interview with Modis.

From that initial meeting onwards it felt like I'd done the right thing. Targets for my development were immediately set and an initial test day enabled me to get to grips with the Eplan basics. After that it became clear that three companies had a direct interest in me and that was something I certainly hadn't expected! I've now worked at Modis Engineering for a year and have learned a huge amount. Now they also have enough confidence in me to involve me in a major project. That's why I'm so looking forward to the future!"

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