“At Modis we engineer tugboats for Damen Shipyards”

Johnny started at Modis 11 years ago as an E-plan draughtsman and developed into a Lead Engineer. He finds the R&D development projects the most interesting. Johnny is happy to tell you more about his work in our internal Industrial Automation department.

"At Modis we engineer tugboats for Damen Shipyards. These are produced from stock and are ready for delivery to a shipyard to shorten delivery times. In the initial project phase the focus is often on producing the so-called 'as-sold' and 'as-built' drawings. In such a drawing package, the client's wishes, and the technical changes that are noticed during the construction of the ship, are adjusted.

New project
The collaboration between Modis and Damen Shipyards is going so well that we have started a new project. It now involves the complete engineering of all the systems in a ship. Because it involves a ship for the Russian market, it has to comply with Russian Maritime Regulations (RMRS). This requires a completely new working method. For example, the requested materials are different from those that Damen Shipyards uses as standard.

Variety of systems
Together with five fellow Modis engineers, we have been busy engineering a variety of systems and connecting them. Think of systems that are linked to the lighting, to the drive of engines or for example the navigation systems in the wheelhouse of the ship. We are now working on developing a template to be able to produce this type of ship again in the future."

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