"The fact that I can return to work after two years feels really good"

Kees (63) is working via Modis as a technician at MSD Animal Health. His age meant that he had not worked for two years, but he felt he was not ready for retirement. Together with Modis he continued to apply for jobs and matched with MSD in the spring of 2019. Here he talks about what motivated him and about his experience of being temporarily removed from the job market.

Back to work
"I first came into contact with Modis at a job fair in the spring of 2017. During our conversation it was clear they were enthusiastic about me and I visited their offices soon after for a follow-up meeting. I applied for a number of jobs, but was initially unsuccessful. The biggest problem was probably my age, although no one will readily admit that. The thing is I consider myself to be far too young to be sitting around at home and I really enjoy working. That's why I want to work and why I carried on applying for jobs. The fact that I've been back at work again since last June feels really good."

Experience and positivity
"Although it took a while to find a job for me, Modis kept in touch and that was something I really appreciated. It's understandable that I'm not the easiest of candidates, although I myself consider my experience to be an advantage. I think my experience of life and knowledge of various techniques and projects eventually helped me get the job I now have. My excellent availability and technical knowledge are relevant for the work I am doing. In that sense my experience was key for me ending up where I am now, but I'm convinced that my positive attitude also played a role. I think it's important to make an impression in any situation I find myself in. That's because you always get something positive in return."

The job
"I'm working on a project which involves us making sure that all the products sold within the European Union have been tested in accordance with EU rules. The products in question are currently produced and tested in the United Kingdom. These tests have to be adjusted to EU-countries and we ensure that this happens. I'm partially responsible for the operational work in the laboratory and I also help, for example, to amend work instructions which specify the method to be used in the future.”

Just like the old days
"I used to work in a research environment. The quality environment in which I now work has a different dynamic, despite the fact that guaranteeing the quality of analyses is important in both environments. That was something I had to get used to in the beginning, but my colleagues are great and it's fantastic to be back at work. During the two years that I was stuck at home I tried to stick to my pattern of work and this meant that the first working day at MSD felt just like the old days. Now my mornings consist of walking the dog, having my breakfast and then driving to work with the radio on. I enjoy every minute. This company has given me an opportunity and I am very grateful for that."

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