“There are so many possibilities in the construction industry. Through Modis, I can see the different aspects.”

Tell us Floor, who are you and can you tell us more about your role at Modis?
My name is Floor Veldkamp and I am 22 years old. I work as a planner and modelling consultant for Modis. I am a part-time student at the HAN (high school of Arnhem and Nijmegen) where I study architecture. I am also a fanatical sportswoman in my spare time. I am currently working on a project where I am more involved in work preparation. The next project can be completely different. That is why I chose Modis; there are so many possibilities in construction and this way I can see different sides.

What is it like to work in the technical world that gives you energy?
Working in the technical world is hard but fun. You have to deal with many different people and disciplines. What makes me particularly happy is seeing the work that you have prepared go well. This gives me a good feeling because then it is clear what you deliver. Having to arrange things quickly or looking ahead is also part of this. You have to be flexible but also firm. In many places, the construction industry feels like a family; together, you go for the best result. Another thing that makes me happy is the old-fashioned humour on the work floor; being able to make fun of each other is part of it. The construction industry offers so many opportunities for growth; for me as a young girl, this is the chance to learn and grow.

What would you personally tell others to inspire them to choose engineering, even if they don't (yet) have a technical background?
Engineering is a living world, every day is different. It is never boring and above all very instructive. The technical sector is very friendly when it comes to the growth of people, both professionally and personally. I like the fact that when you think of something, it actually gets built.

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