"Just throw me at the deep end"

"Even during the first interview I knew this was where I wanted to be. I wasn't interviewed by a salesman, but a real technician who knew his stuff and who was genuinely interested in my ambitions. That to me is the power of Modis. And so the decision was easy. 'Just throw me in at the deep end,' I said. I didn't regret it for a minute mainly because, at Modis, I was able to develop massively in a short space of time. I was able to gain my first experiences with drawing and designing at various clients. Because that made me want more, I continued to study in the meantime."

The challenge of the subject

"I am currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management. Besides technology – which is my absolute passion – I'm finding out a lot more about the communication and management aspects. The further I go, the more the subject challenges me. The combination of work and study requires you to make a sacrifice. I don't have much free time and I therefore don't see my friends enough. However, if I want to do something, I go for it one hundred percent."


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