"Discover myself. That is my ambition"

"During my studies I decided to continue specialising in Constructional Engineering. With a small team we managed to complete a unique graduation project. Mikel Faber from Modis Engineering sat on the examination board. He was impressed and asked me to send him my CV. My first assignment was with Ballast Nedam. That, in itself, was quite a feat. I had not dared dream of such a fantastic start to my career.

Specific learning pathways

I created working drawings for a façade of complicated brickwork. Every time I see that façade, I'm as proud as a peacock. At Ballast Nedam I took the initiative of finding out about BIM. It is the drawing and design method of the future. My colleagues there gave me inspiring tips and advice. My ambition is now to gain lots of experience, listen to colleagues and discover myself. The great thing is that Modis offers every opportunity to do so. During my studies I never thought such a thing would be possible."

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