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Life Sciences: health and welfare under the microscope

By Life Sciences we mean the developments which influence people's health and welfare. We focus specifically on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and the food industry. We find the complexity in these areas to be immensely fascinating and because developments are taking place all the time, our experts can make a huge difference. They reflect, for example, on the increasing demand for food, the need to acquire ISO13485 certificates in order to make devices available in practice and the maintaining and raising of quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector.

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The challenges you are facing

We are keen to help you, our client, examine the challenges you are facing. One way we do this is by testing medical equipment against specific qualifications on the interface between Life Sciences and Engineering. In the food industry we focus every day on the transformation it is undergoing due to the increasing global population and the demand for more luxury foodstuffs. On top of this the complexity of medical devices and equipment varies from advanced CT scanners to scissors on the operating table and to medicines. The developments and qualifications which these devices have to fulfil are in a constant state of flux. These issues require specialist knowledge and that is precisely what our experts place under a magnifying glass. This enables us to find new solutions together with your organisations.

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