Automotive (NVH) Center

Sindelfingen, Germany

Pure precision

We offer a range of automotive Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) services that contribute to creating quality driving experiences and increasing customer satisfaction.

Testing involves equipping various cars with sensors and aparatus to measure the noise or vibration and how they behave during driving on test tracks and everyday roads, across urban and rural environments. It's a unique, end-to-end service that includes different car types, sensors and measurement equipment coming together to test the NVH of your vehicles.

A partnership that works

We believe that strong partnerships with the businesses we work with are vital to the success of projects.

Our Associates will work tirelessly to identify NVH phenomena early and to optimise your transmissions and other core parts and systems during development. This, in turn, saves you in the time and financial costs associated with course-correction later in the production process.

Onsite expertise

Our Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Center we employ a wide variety of tools and solutions to get the most precise measurements possible.


  • TMF-simulation
  • acoustics simulation
  • calculation of insulation models


  • mobile measuring and testing on test rigs or test tracks
  • localisation of noise sources
  • analysis of riding comfort
  • sound design
  • benchmarking

Technologies deployed


  • Artemis + Squadriga II (HEAD acoustics)
  • LMS.test.lab (Siemens)
  • PAK (Müller BBM)
  • VA One SEA + Foam (esi)
  • Alphakabine, Isokell, ELWIS-/PORPOS-System
  • Hypermesh
  • SEA + BEM
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