Mechanical and Industrial Center

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Well trained problem-solvers at your disposal

At our Mechanical and Industrial Center, we specialize in both mechanical and construction engineering. When you engage with our services our team of experienced, multi-disciplinary Associates will spin up to deliver full solutions for your business challenges.

Among the key strengths of our team at this centre is our overall knowledge of the Building Information Model working methodology. 

We also put a great deal of time and focus into the continuous professional development of our Associates. From the beginning when they take their first steps intoAC/CV/HV/Plumbing/Detail Engineering and throughout their careers. 

Solutions and benefits

We work tirelessly to deliver solutions for your business requirements, among which are:

1. Mechanical Engineering: this covers all CAD engineering services from design to detail engineering, at a midsize level. Specialist vessel installations, handling and transport systems and Product design (fittings) are all available.

2. Construction Engineering: CAD engineering services. These range from pre-design to delivery of the technical installation of hospitals, nursing homes and offices. Technical installations are all building-related: AC/CV/HV/Plumbing(W)/ Lighting/Power/ telecom/ data/fire safety/communication.
Center of Excellence: Rotterdam, Zaltbommel and Enter

For more than 40 years the Industry Center of Excellence has been a specialist in terms of designing, calculating and drawing machines, machine controls and industrial piping.

Our 100 or so specialists work both on location at our clients (partners) and in our own engineering departments. At this location we have 50 workstations.

We work there with our own hardware, software and own project management methods and systems.

We are involved in all the phases of your project, from the assessment of specifications to prototype construction and the supervision of the FAT/SAT on location within the:

  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Product handling and transport
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Offshore/onshore installations/shipbuilding
  • Water treatment

Sample projects:

  • The development and realisation of production lines for, among other things, carpet tiles, e-cigarettes and confectionery.
  • The design and realisation of attractions for theme parks.
  • The engineering of production lines for industrial bakeries.
  • The development of product handling and transport systems for various industries.
  • The development of packaging lines for various applications, such as parts for the automotive industry and the packaging of products within the foodstuffs industry.
  • The design of equipment vessels for the maintenance of inland waterways and the improvement of drainage in, for example, polders.
  • The design of machines for the construction of hybrid sports fields.

Partners for: special machine constructors, fitters, hardware and software companies, the energy sector, water companies, project offices at multinationals/production companies/factories, ship installations, assembly plants, handling, SME.


Onsite expertise.

  • Mechanical Lead Engineer/PL
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Lead Engineer (Building related technical Installations)/PL
  • Engineer


Technologies deployed. 

  • CAD Software
  • Solidworks, Inventor, Revit MEP, AutoCAD, Eplan, ElCad, StabiCad, Nordined
  • Project management
  • BIM
  • Another
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