We understand that you operate in a world which, in the coming 20 years, is going to change just as drastically as in the past 200 and that period of change signals the start of the next industrial revolution. Simply waiting for things to happen is not an option! As an entrepreneur you have to prepare for the future. Avoid any surprises and start now with the implementation of your strategies for the future. At Modis we understand this. Standing still is the same as going backwards. This is why we apply this point of departure to everything we do for our clients all over the world.

We connect the greatest technical talents in the world so that they can perform, transform and innovate:

1. Building engineering 

Building engineering is the segment that focuses on the constructions of houses and other buildings. Building engineering includes the scientific knowledge and techniques that are used for building any structure that is meant for the habitation and housing of people and their professional activities. Our regional branches are specialized in the designing, modelling, calculating (building decisions) and drawing of buildings of utility and industry. We hereby do not only focus on new constructions but also on transformation and renovation projects.

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2. Chemical 

With its in-depth knowledge of the chemical sector Modis Consultancy and Professional Staffing is a reliable specialist. It provides specialized and tailor made solutions for its clients and professionals in the chemical branch and the affiliated process engineering. Next to a group of permanent employees and consultants, Modis also has a pool of self-employed experts who can help out on a project basis.

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3. Aeronautics, Space and Defense

Aeronautics, Space and Defense provides services that include tailoring environmentally-friendly solutions to meet your aeronautics needs at our Centers of Excellence or Delivery Centers. Here you can outsource entire projects or processes with the work carried out onshore, nearshore or offshore, always to the highest standards. Service excellence is our focus and our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist you with the development and delivery of your products or services.

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4. Electrical engineering

Inside buildings and constructions electro technical installations play a primary and indispensable role when it comes down to daily business management. They play a part in the usage, the safety and the comfort of its users. All our regional branches are specialized in the advising, designing, drawing, modelling and preparing of all possible electro technical installations for utility and housing. This goes for new constructions as well as transformation and renovation projects.

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5. Industrial Automation 

Industrial automatization is a very broad working area. Control technology is a subdomain that is focused on the designing, programming and maintenance of hardware and software for the control of technical installations, machines and appliances. Our regional branches are specialized in the designing of the hardware and the programming of its software.

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6. Installation technology

Installation technology is a broad discipline, focused on the compilation of various types of installations that are all part of one technical, and functional entity. The goal is to improve the wellbeing of people who are staying in that area or space. This work field covers air conditioning, central heating, heat ventilation, gas, water and rainwater drainage and is directly linked to the utility, housing and industry sectors.

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7. Life Sciences 

New technologies and discoveries affect people and their health and welfare continuously. It is a process where companies in our submarket are striving to improve or increase the quality of life. Life Sciences is all about development and innovation. Within the Life Sciences sector we focus on three pillars, namely the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices and Food for which Modis has proved itself to be a reliable partner in the field of Consultancy and Staffing.

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8. Machine construction

Mechanical construction is focused on the production, the maintenance and the optimization of machines. There is a lot of diversity in this sector. Apart from production, packaging and assembly machines, we also work with transportation and handling systems for products and services we use on a daily basis that make our lives safer and easier. Our regional branches in Rotterdam, Zaltbommel and Enter are focused in the designing, construction, calculation and drawing of machines for the (mid)heavy, precision mechanical industries.

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