Building Engineering 

The focus of the construction sector is on producing homes and other structures. Building Engineering  covers the scientific knowledge and technology required to build any structure which is intended to be a home and accommodation for people and their business activities.

8.1 billion
1 trillion

What we do

our regional offices (Centres of Excellence) in Rotterdam, Zaltbommel and Enter we are specialised in designing, modelling, calculating (construction decisions) and drawing buildings for the non-residential sector and industry. In doing so our focus is not just on new construction, but also on transformation and renovation projects.

 From advise to implementation

We are the perfect partner for suppliers, advisers, facility managers and fitters in terms of BIM Engineering (from design onwards), advising on and implementing the BIM process, supervising engineers, BIM management and Clash Control.

 Our engineers work with the following software:

  • AutoCad
  • Revit
  • Navisworks
  • Solibri
  • Dynamo
  • STABU II systematiek
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