Based on specialised knowledge within the chemical sector Modis Consultancy and Professional Staffing provide solutions at medium/higher level. In the Chemical sector and the related process technology sector we are a recognised specialist that offers tailor-made solutions for both our clients and our professionals.

Specialist knowledge for long-term projects to short-term assignments

Within this sector Modis focuses on the deployment of consultants for long-term projects and short-term assignments. This covers projects that last anything between 2 months to more than 10 year.

Modis offers its clients specialist knowledge which can be hired in for the longer or shorter term. At the same time we offer our professionals the possibility of permanent personal development, at our clients, for example in the field of technology. In addition to a fixed group of employees and our consultants, Modis also has a pool of permanent sole traders who can be deployed on a project basis. 

National coverage

Modis is a worldwide organisation. With branches in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Enter and Groningen Modis is able to guarantee national coverage in the Netherlands. 


The petrochemicals industry focuses on the processing of mineral oil (petroleum) and the resulting products. This knowledge is used primarily in the petrochemicals industry, for example when cracking mineral oil products in a refinery. 

Petrochemicals industry is a multifaceted sector which performs in an infinitely technical, high-level environment. Tasks include devising new processes and improving the production process, safety, quality and projects. Speed, ingenuity and innovation are extremely important, although the most crucial element is technology and technology is something that really gets us going. 

Bringing professionals and organisations to a higher level

In the petrochemical sector and the related process technology sector we are a recognised specialist that offers tailor-made solutions for both our clients and our professionals. Modis looks further than just the projects themselves in order to bring both professionals and organisations to a higher level. Our employees are also true members of our team. The only difference is that they do their work at various locations. Examples include projects in, among others, Maintenance, New Construction, Renovation and Turn Arounds. 

Specialist fields

Modis works as a partner together with leading multinationals, firms of engineers, contractors and government bodies, as well as with local players. Within the petrochemicals industry we are active in the following specialist fields: 

  • Electrical engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Piping
  • Process technology
  • Quality
  • Industrial automation

Modis is specialised in employees with professional and intellectual ability at higher professional education level in the following jobs: 

  • Planner
  • Supervisor
  • Engineer 
  • QC/QA 
  • HSE
  • Project leader 
  • Project manager

Of course, this is not all. We are continuing to grow and that means that the number of jobs we have on offer is also continually increasing. 

Training experienced workers 

Besides training new and lateral entrants we also offer guidance to our internal and external employees. This makes them even better at what they do. In addition to the personal supervision and regular evaluation moments, we also want our colleagues to develop in their specific field of work. Specialist training, communication courses and discussion techniques are just some of the internal and external training courses we offer. It goes without saying that attending a certification standard training or course is one of the possibilities. 

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