Aerospace and Defense

Modis has proudly supported the Aerospace & Defense industry in the Netherlands for many years. We are particulary proud of our 33 year relationship as Prime Contractor with ESA (European Space Agency) and multiple collaborating Aerospace organisations.

7.8 billion

Modis employees contribute to some of the most important technical advances in Aerospace & Defense which impact the way we live our lives today.

The satellite industry continues to develop at a rapid pace, from Earth Observation to communication & navigation; satellites are now an integral part of modern life.

We provide expertise across multiple domains, including:

  • Optoelectronics
  • Earth Observation
  • Product Assurance, Safety & Quality
  • Software & Control Systems
  • Payload Engineering
  • Structures & Mechanisms
  • Materials & Components
  • Thermal Navigation
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Power Systems

Within aviation, Modis employees design software systems that control the European airspace. We contribute to the research, development and manufacturing of the intricate systems that capture essential data that enables future developments.

In the Netherlands our compliant business model provides our contract personnel and  business partners with the flexibility to develop, share knowledge and promote business growth. This combined with our global presence enable us to engage with and provide the skilled talent required.

Specialised engineering expertise is required for the development of technologies and systems for satellite applications. In recent years, advancements in micro and cubesat technologies are driving down the cost of satellite development, putting the power of satellites and the data they provide within the range of many more companies than was possible in the past.

Chris Wright

Business Unit Manager
Responsible for Modis modis business with the
European Space Agency
+31 (0) 64 178 4022
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Douglas Murdoch

Business Unit Manager
Aerospace & Defense
Responsible for Business Development
+31 (0) 61 013 9769
For more information see my Linkedin profile
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