Competition in Finance increasingly revolves around improving user experience, carefully ensuring corporate compliance and the provision of cheaper, more efficient services.


This sector will see an explosion in the use of robots in industrial applications and increasing collaboration robotic presences in the home and in the workplace. 

Meanwhile, the rise of the Internet of Things in commercial and personal spaces is driving a true transformation in electronics.

Industrial businesses must adapt to make the most of these emerging efficiency-drivers, whatever their scale.

Our three trends:

Trend 2

Developments in Fintech have started to shake up financial institutions operating in consumer banking, investment, mortgages and life assurance.

Improved end user interfaces and access to banking information and financial instruments having given consumers greater control over their finances. Differentiation will be defined by usability as much as by cost.

Financial Services companies have adapted by either attempting to innovate on their own terms or acquiring promising start-ups. In either situation, our Consultants can assist in modernising your systems to bring new capabilities to existing services. We can take the whole design and development of new products into our own Centers of Delivery to help you maintain your innovative edge.