Installation technology

Installation technology is a broad specialist field which focuses on bringing together various types of installations to form a single technical, functional whole, with the aim being to improve the welfare of people in the area in question.


The work field and the sectors

This includes air conditioning (cooling), central heating, heat ventilation, gas, water, sanitary facilities and rainwater discharge. This field of work is linked to the utility, housebuilding and industry sectors. 

What we do

At our regional offices (Centres of Excellence) in Rotterdam, Zaltbommel and Enter we are specialised in advising, designing, drawing, modelling and preparing multidisciplinary projects. Not only for new construction, but also for projects during which existing installations are renovated or made sustainable. 

You can count on us. From outline design to complete specifications, including contract drawings, estimating, work preparation and supervising the construction work.

 Our engineers work with the following software:

  • BIM 360 Collaboration and Revit MEP in combination with the various sub-applications, plus Navisworks
  • Solibri
  • Dynimo
  • Vabi UO and Elements
  • Bink
  • AutoCad, including the relevant sub-applications
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