Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry is at the start of an exciting and unpredictable period of rapid development. The digital revolution has made inroads across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Agri-food. 

75 million

Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices and Food.

The Life Sciences industry is at the start of an exciting and unpredictable period of rapid development. These changes aren’t just reducing costs and increasing margins. They're improving and saving lives across the world. New technologies and discoveries are taking place all the time. These developments are affecting people, and certainly their health and welfare as well. Companies operating in Life Sciences will need to balance increasing price pressures with the cost of innovating in a complex regulatory environment. Those who do can realise huge long-term value increases.

Driven by development and innovation

At Modis we focus specifically on those latter aspects via our Life Sciences specialisation. Although Life Sciences is a broad concept, Modis focuses within the sector on 3 pillars, namely the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices and Food.Life Sciences is all about development and innovation. It is a continuous process whereby companies in our submarket are striving to improve or increase the quality of life. Research into medicines, the latest technology of various Medical Devices and the latest developments in the field of Food fall within the scope of Modis Life Sciences. In this way we can connect professional specialists within their own domain with our Professionals taking up specialist projects so that optimal use can be made of the knowledge they have available. In recent years Modis has proved itself to be a reliable partner in the field of Consultancy and Staffing for the Life Sciences sector.

1. Pharmaceutical 

Within the pharmaceutical industry the focus is on treating patients and improving quality of life. A huge number of medicines are already available on the market and pharmaceutical companies are also developing countless other ones. The development of a medicine is a complex process involving several stakeholders and high requirements which the medicine has to fulfil. What is more the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry have to fulfil very strict conditions, referred to as GMP conditions. These GMP conditions are linked to a complex quality system and a variety of quality requirements. Modis has regular experience with this because it is one of our spearheads, both in terms of staffing and consultancy.

Modis employs a large number of Professionals who are dedicated to maintaining and raising the quality standard. Our ambition is to be the ultimate specialist partner for quality issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

Besides focusing on Quality, Modis also has Professionals and a strong network in R&D, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical production.

Thanks to our extensive network and years of experience in the secondment of highly-trained Professionals, Modis is a reliable partner in the field of staffing and specific consultancy projects.

2. Medical development

Medical Devices is a collection of various complex and non-complex products. This collection ranges from advanced CT scanners to a pair of surgical scissors. Each Device must comply with very specific qualifications and developments in this field are taking place all the time. A great deal of specialist knowledge has been required during the development of registration of the many High-Tech devices launched onto the market in recent years.

Modis can help your organisation to obtain, for example, ISO13485 certificates or resolve issues relating to technical engineering. Modis has proven that it is very effective at connecting organisations and people.

The Medical Devices sector operates at the interface between (High-Tech) Engineering and Life Sciences and therefore links up well with two important specialisms within our organisation.

Modis employs both Engineers and Life Science Professionals who are able to offer Staffing and specific consultancy solutions in the Medical Devices domain.

3. Food

The world's population is continuing to grow and that growth is unlikely to slow down any time soon. This is being accompanied by an increasing demand for food while more and more people are gaining access to higher quality and more expensive foodstuffs.

The result is that the food industry will undergo a transformation in the coming years which will place innovation and sustainability high on the agenda. The Modis Professionals deal with challenging problems on a daily basis. One example is their work on special baby milk, where they are responsible for the right formula and quality. We also employ Professionals who research how every molecule from residual products can be converted into usable ingredients for the food chain.

These are examples from daily practice. Specialists are needed to guarantee the process and safeguard quality and Modis employs precisely these kinds of specialists. Our Professionals can improve processes and production methods with a high priority being the quality of the end products.

How Modis can help

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