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Fascination for pharma and food

Do you want to develop yourself in the area of pharmaceutical industries, food or medical devices industries? Are you also fascinated in the developments which affect people's health and welfare? At Modis Life Sciences, we find the complexity in these areas to be immensely fascinating: the increasing demand for smart equipment, improved pharmaceuticals and innovative new foods. The fact that this specialist field is always progressing means that you, as an expert, can really make a difference for our clients.

Your ambition under the microscope

At Modis Life Sciences you are given the opportunity to develop as an expert within your specialist field. We make sure you are always developing and, in the process, we listen carefully to your ambitions and jointly assess your competencies. Within just a couple of years you can progress from Junior Quality Officer to an intermediate or senior position. This process of development may, for example, take place during an assignment, but you could possibly be placed in a higher position on a new project. Processes of development are also possible to more managerial positions, with one example being technicians who progress into the role of supervisor. In short, your ambition is the focus!

What are you going to be doing?

Our colleagues are assigned to work for a variety of clients. As a specialist you will help improve the quality of people's lives. You may, for example, go to work at a pharmaceutical company that is developing a medicine or vaccine, or you may be involved in national or international processes leading to the authorisation of pharmaceutical products or medical devices. As experts we are also involved in continuous quality assurance in relation to new foodstuffs. We’re in control of the whole life cycle within the pharmaceutical industry.

Specialist fields

Modis Life Sciences is represented in the following segments:

  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Validation
  • Laboratories
  • Process engineering
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