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Posted on 01 March 2022
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As a leading member of the engineering team, you will drive the development of the company’s SoCs.

You are responsible for SoC architecture descriptions and related documentation. You will provide both technical guidance and project management to the company’s silicon development. This consists of, amongst others, multiple artificial intelligence IPs, on-chip networks, processors, and interfaces. You are also responsible for power flows, physical implementation (back-end), and for driving engagements with (physical) IP providers.

The SoC Architect contributes to developing their roadmap for different families of artificial intelligence SoCs, in line with the requirements of various high-growth markets. The roadmaps take into account the technical and physical characteristics and constraints of e.g. silicon implementation processes, software development, and optimization techniques.

You will work together with internal and external core IP development teams, tooling teams that develop automated hardware construction tools and neural network processing tools. And you will work with internal- and customer application teams, who provide key insights on requirements, performance metrics, robustness, and stability of the company’s solutions.


Our client is a young and vibrant high-tech company, which aims to revolutionize artificial intelligence for everyone. Their unique machine learning technology and silicon will drive many future products. This way, they make robots, cameras, and transportation smart, safe, and power-efficient.



  • M.Sc or Phd in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field;
  • Several years of experience in the field of product SoC design on advanced silicon nodes, including (hardware) IP libraries;
  • Experience with driving digital and/or mixed-signal design flows, power flows;
  • Experience with SoC implementation aspects, such as: synthesis, floorplanning, P&R, STA, DFx, SiP, package design;
  • Experience with designing and/or integrating high-speed SoC interfaces, such as PCIe, USB, MIPI-CSI;
  • Demonstrated designs for e.g. imaging, video processing, video analytics, machine learning;
  • Experience in leadership roles, estimating levels of effort, presenting to C level boardrooms;
  • Excellent problem analysis skills;
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both speaking and writing).

Desirable skills

  • Working in international and inter-cultural environments;
  • Sourcing high-value IPs, external contracting, off-shoring;
  • Working knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Architecting end-to-end solutions, consisting of both software and hardware;
  • Experience with common requirements management practices;
  • Good understanding of software development practices.

Please contact Kerry Barclay at Modis on +31 (0)6 53 225 718 or for more information.

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