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Platform Lead

Ref: 15132303

Posted on 27 July 2022
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In particular, a Platform Lead will:

Partner with colleagues from the Customer Advocacy (I-CA) department, specifically the Customer Portfolio Senior Architect (to assess, optimise and map requirements to platform capabilities and develop consistent domain and platform architectures) and/or with the Portfolio Senior Lead (to analyse the demand pipeline and jointly plan Program Increments).



Standard role duties & responsibilities

Take the lead on planning and execution of work in the assigned Platform and lead the development of the platform architecture, ensuring consistency with the specified requirements across various projects implemented on the platform;

Responsible for a team assigning work to platform resources, management of Platform-specific contracts;

Oversee the creation of sprints within each assignment and/or provide comprehensive guidance on the development, modifications and integration of platform components;

Estimate required capacity for delivery on Program Increment, allocate available Program Increment capacity and secure future capacity with vendors and/or provide estimates and work breakdown;

Review sprint outcomes for completeness and quality of the delivery and re-prioritise where needed and/or fulfil overall quality assurance for technical delivery;

Escalate to Platform Senior Lead and manage incident process including communication of major incidents;

Manage contractors and track vendor performance in line with established SQI’s.


Essential requirements


A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three years attested by a diploma;


3 years of experience in management of IT development projects;

Professional experience in delivering enterprise software implementations in roles such as project manager, technical architect, technical lead and/or scrum master;

Experience in or certified training in any agile software delivery;

Prior experience of leading supplier teams and building successful working relationships with external delivery partners.

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