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Talent Acquisition Director Benelux

Ref: 15202304

Posted on 27 October 2022
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Selection and recruitment


Talent Acquisition Director

Reporting to VP Benelux with dotted line to Talent Acquisition Director EMEA-GM.


Participates in the definition of the recruitment plan for the Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg countries and ensures its implementation in accordance with the objectives set. Leads and manages all the recruitment teams within his/her scope (Talent Acquisition Officer(s))/ Recruiters with a constant concern for the progress and development of every individual.

Main tasks include specifically:

  • Participate in EMEA-GM Talent Acquisition Team:

o Regularly liaise with him/her to exchange on ongoing activities related to TA, with a specific focus on consultants and key opened positions

o Participate actively in the Talent Acquisition team through regional projects and activities

o Coordinate with her/his peers on regional actions, with a specific focus on universities/schools actions

o Liaise with the Talent Acquisition Manager for Business Managers, to ensure coordinate for managerial positions recruitment

o Deliver a comprehensive (quantitative & qualitative) and regular report to the Talent Acquisition Director EMEA GM Region.

  • Manage Countries’ Talent Acquisition teams:

o Recruits new employees within the budget in conjunction with the HR department, integrates them and develops their loyalty.

o Sets realistic, measurable and controllable objectives and ensures that they are met.

o Accompanies or provides regular support to the employee at his/her workstation. Encourages the development of skills, promotion and mobility.

o Supervises and coordinates the work of all the players: definition of roles, responsibilities, perimeters and levels of each internal or external support group

o Motivates team members and creates a climate conducive to innovation.

o Maintains a constructive climate in his/her team and manages possible conflicts in accordance with values.

o Analyzes training needs and implements them with a short-, medium- and long-term vision.

o Evaluates employees in their behavioral and technical dimensions.

o Organizes and conducts annual interviews in a timely manner.

o Takes responsibility for the proper transmission of information to employees.

o Manages team schedules (standby, leave, etc.) and organizes multi-skilling (mutual aid, replacement).

o Verifies and validates the application of procedures.

o Manages the budget and optimizes training resources.

o Alerts his/her hierarchy and/or HR of any problem concerning his/her team.

o Ensures close collaboration and good practices sharing

o Physically be present and willing to work 50/50 in both countries

o Has an hands on mentality, able to coach, support and manage the recruitment leads and - teams on the job

o Initiates and implements training and guides the teams in the way of working to boost performance

  • Implement Talent Acquisition Strategy for the cluster:

o Participates in the definition of the recruitment plan for its perimeter and ensures its implementation in accordance with the annual objectives set

o Ensures, at the local level, the top-down information on the company's recruitment policy and relays to his/her hierarchy any useful information from the field

o As a real Business Partner, assists Operational Managers on a daily basis in the optimization of their recruitments

o Identifies and inventories existing and potential needs within his perimeter (customer typology, Akka & Modis’ offer, profiles sought...)

o Participates in business meetings to ensure the best match between the positions to be filled and the available profiles

o Guarantees all recruitment actions to provide the appropriate "resource" solutions to the Managers within its scope (sourcing, assessments, salary negotiations...)

o Ensures the search for the best profiles: e-recruitment (job boards, social networks, discussion forums, etc.), participation and promotion of the Group at recruitment-related events (trade shows, school forums, etc.), internal mobility, referral, permanent monitoring of new sourcing tools etc...

o Promotes the creation and management of a pool of candidates for future needs

o Validates the hiring forms by guaranteeing the reliability of the contractual conditions (typology of the contracts, job titles, the offered packages,…) in close relation with the HR team

o Constantly ensures the proper integration of new hires: delivery of hiring documents, presentation of the contract, delivery of the "onboarding kit"...

o Carries out regular monitoring and reporting of its activity (traceability, reporting, volume, candidate monitoring, sourcing performance, etc.)

o Ensures compliance with the company's recruitment processes at all times

o Ensures the quality of communication and relations with internal and external contacts with a constant concern for clarity, confidentiality and sense of service

o May be required to manage certain recruitments directly

o In coordination of EMEA-GM Talent Acquisition BM Manager, directly carries out the recruitment of some managerial functions

o Contributes to the creation of the new AKKA + Modis EVP

o Operational ambassador for D&I initiatives at local level


AKKA & Modis offers comprehensive and seamless solutions connecting IT specialists and tech experts to the businesses. The boundaries between the different specialist sectors such as IT, Engineering, Life Sciences, Academy etc… – are dissolving. These areas will continue to converge as a new era of smarter devices, smarter cities, and smarter industries evolves. Digital innovation is revolutionizing the world of work.

It's AKKA & Modis’ mission to assist its customers with IT specialists and tech experts in driving tangible business outcomes in this digitally transformed world, reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and take advantage of external expertise, assets and intellectual property. This is delivered by a network of up to 50,000 skilled colleagues & consultants speaking more than 20 languages. With our local market knowledge, delivery centers and global presence, AKKA & Modis can collaborate to improve all aspects of IT processes, services, applications and infrastructure, agile teams mobilized on projects or tailored solutions.

AKKA & Modis has approximately a total revenue of 4 Bn EUR and it is present in more than 25 countries.



  • Undergraduate degree in business or similar;


  • Showcases minimum 7 years of demonstrated experience;
  • Has led transformation projects (i.e., implementation of ATS);
  • Brings 3 years of experience in management
  • Brings recruitment knowledge in the Tech Consulting Industry
  • Country specific recruitment knowledge
  • Has a recruitment network within the countries in scope
  • Has experience in / with different types of (recruitment) social media to expand & establish the proposition of Akkodis in the countries in scope


  • ATS management and use
  • Office suite Full proficiency
  • Fluent in English, French & Dutch

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