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Lab Technician

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Posted on 27 December 2022
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In this role you are part of the Validation Engineering Team which is responsible for all Validation and Characterization measurements for new NPI according to the V&V plan.


· Execute measurements in the laboratory on IC products

· Coordinate and execute the tests in the automatic test set up according to the test plan

· Process measurement data in the internal systems

· First analyses on test results to confirm successful execution of tests

· Assist the engineers in their day-to-day activities, eg with preparing the samples for measurement and solder them on the measurement boards

· Take care of storage and registration of measured products

· Depending on the experience and the interest of the candidate, more specific tasks in the area of hardware or software development can be assigned

· Support for the Lab Owner, eg take care of the Calibration, Maintenance, 5S, etc.


In this exciting opportunity, you would be working for Akkodis based on-site at our client in Nijmegen as a Lab Technician and also working on Validation.

This is an great opportunity for junior candidates to learn and grow in the semicon field.



(Top 3-7 most important/critical competencies needed for the job both soft and hard skills):

Hard Skills:

· Technical (Electronics) MBO education

· Accurate

· Solder experience

· Good experience with MS Office (excel)

Soft Skills:

. Show initiative, take ownership and have an entrepreneurial attitude

· Have customer orientation and quality mindset

· Possesses Analytical Skills and ability to apply pragmatic approaches

· Communication skills in English

Additional Information:

Educational background: Electrical Engineering, MBO

Experience: electrical environment but also can be person who graduated MBO and hasn’t got experience yet

Important: person who is focused on hardware, not software.

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