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RF Characterization Test Engineer

Ref: 14804960

Posted on 01 March 2022
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The RF characterization engineer will deliver Front-End Module design validations in a fast-paced team environment, and will work closely with RF IC design engineers to optimize a design by extensive data collection, analyzing the data and co-designing the product based on RF system knowledge.

Main responsibilities

  • Design and develop engineering evaluation test boards for RFFE products
  • Develop characterization test plans to report the performance of RFFE products in a highly automated RF test environment
  • Work with LNA test setup such as PNAX, PXA, network analyzers, noise figure measurement, sophisticated ET/DPD system tools, system alignment, transceiver optimization as well as antenna tuners to optimize the performance
  • Characterization reporting includes all the parametric data from RF Front End such as Rx path NF, noise circles, IP2/IM2, IP3/IM3, Gain modes, S-parameters of Rx path components, as well as Tx path PAE, Gain, ACLR, power sweep, Rx Band Noise, Spectrum Emission Mask, s-par, x-par, Load-pull, Out-of-band rejection and frequency sweeps amongst others. Collect and evaluate data to verify performance over temperature, voltage, and process corners.
  • Summarize and create performance reports, improve report automation
  • Select, implement, and maintain test equipment necessary for RFFE product characterization. Work with IC design team to maintain, optimize, and release chip setting for overall optimized product performances.


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This position is located within our clients RF Front-End (RFFE) Engineering Department in Nijmegen.

The position offers the opportunity to characterize, validate and verify the performance of RF Front-End Modules against specification to ensure design success. Our clients solutions include highly customized LNAs, PAs, FEMs, antenna tuner and multi-throw switches in standalone and module packages for 4G and 5G wireless cell phone and ultra-mobile devices.



A minimum of 5 years of professional experience with the following skills:

  • Deep understanding of RF testing
  • RF circuitry and mixed signal integrated circuits
  • PCB design/debug skills
  • Lab equipment, including: Spectrum analyzers, Network analyzers, digitizing oscilloscopes, signal generators, DMMs, and programmable power supplies.
  • Data analysis tools
  • Programming skills, C# or Labview
  • English, verbally and in writing

Preferred Qualifications

Wireless communications / RF Front End experience

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