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SW Embedded Architect 37908-1

Ref: 14607132

Posted on 09 July 2020
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  • Full-stack development spanning low-level embedded OS kernels and high-level desktop applications.
  • Design, prototype and profile software architectures of safe automated driving on automotive SoCs.
  • Integrate 3rd party software, such as AD simulators, hypervisors, operating systems, middleware and communication stacks, monitoring software.
  • Develop software components supporting system-level safety goals.


The Systems Innovations department builds innovative automotive system prototypes. In particular, the “Roly-poly” project researches and builds prototypes of safety mechanisms for automated driving (AD). Functional Safety ( requires implementation of safety measures in automotive systems to control runtime failures and fault-free hazardous situations. Your main goals will be to design, integrate, develop and maintain such safety mechanisms on automotive-grade SoCs, such as the company's BlueBox. Furthermore, the technical context of the project involves automated driving (test) vehicles, simulators and software stacks based on middleware software and hypervisors. There are several applicable platforms for automated driving such as Autoware ( and Apollo ( Furthermore, the relevant middleware frameworks include the Data Distribution Service (DDS) and Robot Operating System (ROS). Hypervisors, such as Xen and COQOS, are used to isolate safety-critical software stacks.


  • A university degree: BSc, MSc, PhD, professor
  • More than 5 years of professional experience in industry or academia
  • Expert in application and bare-metal programming using C, C++, Python
  • Broad experience with embedded software architectures, build systems, version control systems
  • Good at Operating Systems (GNU/Linux, FreeRTOS), including user and kernel programming experience
  • Broad experience with embedded systems, development boards, and processors
  • Fault tolerance, functional safety
  • You value people higher than processes
  • You value working code higher than documents
  • Good command of written and spoken English

Relevant competencies:

  • Automotive systems, ADAS, Highly Automated Driving, AUTOSAR
  • Tier IV Autoware, Baidu Apollo, LG SVL AD simulator, Carla AD simulator
  • Data Distribution Service (DDS), Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Hypervisors (Xen, COQOS, Jailhouse, Multivisor, QNX hypervisor)
  • Modeling, formal verification
  • Yocto, (cross-)compilers, (JTAG) and software debuggers, profilers, measurement equipment
  • Software testing and quality

For more information please contact Barbara Otrebska: or WhatsApp/sms/call +31 622 411 071.

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