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Business Information Analyst for DG

Ref: 15219449

Posted on 18 November 2022
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Noordwijk Zh
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We are looking for a Business Information Analyst for Director General (E3) to join our Akkodis Aerospace team, working onsite at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands.

General tasks to be performed:

  • Support the design and development of models and related data models to beimplemented in the ESA model developed by DG-AE (including expansion ofscope and integration of Directorates’ specific needs).
  • Support data mining and analysis for corporate controlling activities at ESAlevel.
  • Supporting the definition and development of IT systems and databases insupport of Evaluation and Internal Audit activities.
  • Support the development of simulation capabilities by leveraging the ESAmodel and its data sources (e.g. Multi-Agent approach)
  • Configuration management for databases and IT systems
  • Support the production of internal and external reports.


Akkodis has proudly supported the Aerospace & Defence industry in the Netherlands for decades. Our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) has been one of the many success stories allowing our people to expand their career horizons. Akkodis experts are contributing to some of the most important technical advances in Aerospace and Defence which impact the way we live our lives today, through specialised engineering expertise and other required skillsets. This could be your future. Become part of our successful team!


The European Space Agency (ESA) has sites in several European countries.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), has grown into ESA’s largest establishment and the technical and organizational hub of Europe’s space sector. Missions designed and tested at ESTEC are circling Earth, have landed on planetary bodies and have probed far into the Solar System.

The infrastructure and equipment assembled here, together with the expert knowhow of its 2800 personnel, make ESTEC a unique resource for Europe. The work done here by teams skilled in every aspect of engineering for space has enabled the creation of novel communication, navigation and information services, creating new jobs and growth while improving the lives of European and world citizens.


To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required:

  • Master’s degree in Mathematics, Science or Engineering combined with at least 4 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong mathematic and statistical modelling skills.
  • Understanding of mathematic-business models for financial planning andforecasting.
  • Good knowledge of programming (Relational Databases, SQL, Oracle,Matlab, Visual Basic).
  • Knowledge of most popular IT application in support of Corporate and ProjectManagement related processes (ERP, Project planning, Procurement,Workforce Management, …).
  • Knowledge of Corporate and macroeconomic reporting practices.
  • Proficiency in configuration management for databases and IT systems.
  • Understanding of Information Systems management issues.
  • Strong team spirit, including ability to organise work according to needs andrequirements of multiple team members and stakeholders.
  • Willingness to learn, fast and continuously.
  • Capability to absorb high workload.
  • Deliver on time and on quality.
  • Ability to document the work provided.

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