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Galileo Control Segment SCCF Support Engineer

Ref: 14946601

Posted on 10 November 2021
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Noordwijk Zh
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We are looking for a Galileo Control Segment SCCF Support Engineer (E3) to join our Modis Aerospace team, working onsite at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands.

Specific tasks to be performed:

  • Be responsible of supporting and following up the procurement carried out by the Ground Control Segment (GCS) Prime industrial contractor for the SCCF (Satellite Constellation Control Facility) element.

1. Ensuring from a technical point of view that the element is correctly implemented, tested, delivered and verified, such that it is acceptable for integration into the GCS and meets the overall ESA requirements

o The follow-up of GCS design activities at segment level (architecture, performances, security)

o The follow-up of GCS Assembly, Integration and Validation (AIV) activities

o The contribution to the definition of the operations related to the GCS

2. Ensuring that the procurement process, in particular every review milestone, is carried out in accordance with the element SOW and any specific rules defined in agreed GCS Prime “Organizational Notes”

3. Resolving directly with the GCS Prime all minor technical and programmatic problems, including the management of Evolution Maintenance Requests, covering enhancements requested by the Operations team

4. In all activities, maintain a constant awareness of the cost and schedule impact of any decisions made, carefully trading off the benefits to the mission against any possible delays and additional costs for topics related to Networks

  • Interface with other areas of the project on SCCF related topics.

1. Support and interactions with other areas of the project (systems, space segment, operations, GMS, Security) for the provision of expertise related to GCS interfaces and functionality for the topics related to Networks and cybersecurity

2. In particular, interactions with the Systems team, especially for the following system integration aspects:

o Review of system integration test procedures, test data, RVMs, VCDs

o Provision of GCS interface verification status information

o Updates (DCPs, DCNs) for external ICDs

o Support to the EB UNCLA when required and main point of contact for the EB CLA

3. Participating actively in the Networks Change Request and Anomaly Review Boards.

  • Support the preparation and execution of G2G Procurement actions.

1. Support the G2G procurement activities related to the GCS aspects and extended to other areas as required.

2. Contribution to the definition of the Ground Segment requirements

3. Technical management of study contracts placed with European industry, including technical follow-up of industrial teams as required

4. Follow up of Phase B0 and preparation of Phase B1

5. Evaluation of proposals and support to reviews

  • Report on progress and status of the development and other activities to the Head of Galileo G1 GCS Management Service.

1. Informing the GCS Technical Manager of any major technical and programmatic problem having cost and schedule impact.

2. Regularly reporting on the status of the Networks development within GCS.

3. Regularly reporting on the follow-up of G2G developments.


Modis has proudly supported the Aerospace & Defence industry in the Netherlands for decades. Our partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) has been one of the many success stories allowing our people to expand their career horizons. Modis experts are contributing to some of the most important technical advances in Aerospace and Defence which impact the way we live our lives today, through specialised engineering expertise and other required skillsets. This could be your future. Become part of our successful team!


The European Space Agency (ESA) has sites in several European countries.

The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), has grown into ESA’s largest establishment and the technical and organizational hub of Europe’s space sector. Missions designed and tested at ESTEC are circling Earth, have landed on planetary bodies and have probed far into the Solar System.

The infrastructure and equipment assembled here, together with the expert knowhow of its 2800 personnel, make ESTEC a unique resource for Europe. The work done here by teams skilled in every aspect of engineering for space has enabled the creation of novel communication, navigation and information services, creating new jobs and growth while improving the lives of European and world citizens.


To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required:

  • Master degree in relevant discipline combined with at least 4 years of matching experience.
  • The personnel assigned to carry out the above activities must eligible for a Personal Security Clearances (PSC) from a country within the EU, issued by their national security administration(s)

Essential skills:

  • Knowledge of IT technology (including virtualization).
  • Knowledge and experience of the design and performance of satellite communications systems.
  • Knowledge and experience of Satellite Control and Monitoring Systems including its operations, architecture and implementation.
  • Knowledge of the development, test and verification as well as deployment of ground segments.

General skills:

  • Full command of English language (oral and written).
  • Autonomy in writing minutes of meetings, technical notes, specifications and reports.
  • Good inter personal skills and team spirit.
  • Previous working experience in a multinational environment.
  • Good knowledge of MS office tools.
  • Excellent Organizational skills, good practical sense, being able to work effectively in a team and be able to work autonomously in the field of responsibility.
  • Availability and willingness to travel for missions inside or outside Europe.
  • Experience in procurement of industrial activities

Following skills are considered an advantage:

  • Knowledge and experience in GNSS Systems, Galileo experience is an asset.

Please send your CV to before 22/11/2021

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