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GNC Engineer

Ref: 14550103

Posted on 28 April 2020
Job Location
Noordwijk Zh
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We are looking for a GNC Engineer (E3) to join our Modis Aerospace team, working onsite at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands.

Specific tasks to be performed:

  • Support to the ESTEC GNC Section for the development of GNC systems for interplanetary and exploration spacecraft as well as GNC for space transportation systems. This comprises GNC for interplanetary cruise, aero assistance, rendezvous and docking, formation flying, or drag-free systems as well as GNC for ascent and re-entry vehicles.
  • Specific tasks address the multi disciplinary/physics and high-fidelity End to End vehicle dynamics modelling with implementation in 6DoF simulation environments (Matlab, Simulink, DSpace).
  • The candidate must be familiar with classical as well as modern control and filtering techniques.
  • Mastering of advanced multivariable GNC design and verification approaches for the stability and performance robustness analysis is a prerequisite.
  • Daily support and independent expert analyses shall be provided to the development of ongoing and future orbiters and space transportation systems.
  • Specific GNC design tasks shall include detailed dynamics, environment, actuator and sensor system modelling.
  • The post holder shall perform system sizing, requirements capture, architecture conception, advanced GNC design as well as performance and SW validation analyses.
  • Support shall be given to the conception of new highly autonomous systems, the development of real-time optimised guidance systems for launchers and re-entry systems and the corresponding verification and validation techniques, including advanced analysis tools to drastically improve the gaps and shortcomings of current validation approaches.
  • The post holder shall provide regular Technical Reporting of the GNC Design and Analysis as well as contribute in the preparation and execution of project and technology studies reviews.

General tasks to be performed:

  • Definition and implementation of GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) Systems for Planetary Exploration Orbiters and Landers, for Launchers and Re-entry Vehicles and for specialised applications such as Formation Flying. The functional support provided to ESA projects (e.g. Exomars, Bepi Colombo, Proba3, ATV, Vega, IXV, …) includes:

o Participation to project reviews (SRR, PDR CDR, …).

o GNC design, analyses and simulations (control loops design and modelling, FDIR, Independent simulator set-up, functional verification and performance budgets).

o GNC SW implementation.

o Sensors and actuators selection and procurement support.

o AIV/AIT support (test benches, review of test plans and test results).

o Operations support (review of Operations Manual, rehearsal and LEOP).

o Support to in-orbit analysis.

  • Conception, initialisation and supervision of corresponding enabling GNC technology R/D: Entry, Descent and Landing, Re-entry, RendezVous and Docking, Formation Flying, Hybrid Navigation, Health Management including prototyping and tools development.
  • Advanced Control and Estimation Techniques Research and Development.
  • Development and utilisation of the Control Hardware Laboratory (e.g. navigation techniques prototyping and testing in open and closed loop).
  • Maintenance, development and set-up of GN&C simulation tools.
  • Participation to the elaboration and promotion of ECSS standards in the E60 domain.


Modis Aerospace is a specialized Engineering consultancy with more than 30 years’ experience providing aerospace Engineers to our key partners in The Netherlands. Modis is a long-standing business partner of the European Space Agency (ESA), with more than 120 employees recruited from across Europe currently supporting ESA’s activities.


The European Space Agency (ESA) has sites in several European countries. The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) is the largest site and the technical heart of ESA. This nursery of European space activities is located in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

At ESTEC, about 2500 engineers, technicians and scientists work hands-on with mission design, spacecraft and space technology.

Almost all ESA projects - except launchers - are managed from ESTEC. In Noordwijk, people work on science missions, manned space missions, Earth observation, telecommunications and navigation satellites.

ESTEC provides extensive testing facilities to verify the proper operation of spacecraft, such as the Large Space Simulator (LSS), acoustic and electromagnetic testing bays, multi-axis vibration tables and the ESA Propulsion Laboratory (EPL).


To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required:

  • Master degree in Control and Aerospace engineering
  • Proven experience in the design, tuning, analysis and simulation of GNC systems in different project phases.
  • Proven knowledge of modern control design methods, commercial model-based design tools (MATLAB).
  • Experience with rapid-prototyping of hardware-in-the-loop systems.
  • Ability to interface with industry.

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